Cork bulletin boards haven't yet been replaced by our PDAs and smart phones that act more and more as personal assistents in our busy lives. For many, things aren't real unless they are written down n paper and pinned up on the wall where we can see them. That's why bulletin boards are still an integral part of our homes and work spaces. If your cork bulletin board is looking like it needs a makeover why not give it a fast face lift.

Things You Will Need

painter's tape, shellac, acrylic paint, paint brushes

Step 1

Mask off the frame of the bulletin board with painter's tape. Rub your finger along the edge of the frame where it meets the cork to seal the tape tightly to the frame's surface.

Step 2

Seal the face of the cork with shellac. Cork tends to be highly absorbent. The shellac will prevent the cork from sponging up the paint.

Step 3

Once the shellac has dried, paint the surface of the cork bulletin board with acrylic paint. Paint the first coat, let it dry thoroughly. Paint a second coat of the acrylic paint.
Integrating a bulletin board with the decor of a room can be done in one of two ways. Either pick a color paint that will have the bulletin board blending in with the surroundings in the room or you can make it pop. Paint it a contrasting color so it becomes the first thing your eyes see when you walk into the room.

Giving your cork bulletin board a face life is a good thing. Most people don't know that it takes the oak cork tree 20 years before it's cork bark can be harvested for the first time. After that it can only be harvested once every 9 to 10 years. Remember that the next time you're thinking of throwing out an old bulletin board that can easily be repainted and used for many more years.

Tips & Warnings

If the surface of the cork bulletin board is really beat up, instead of painting it, glue decorative fabric over the cork.

Acrylic paint can give off fumes when wet. Make sure the room is well ventilated when applying the fresh paint.