How to glaze your kitchen cabinets by yourself is one of the easiest remakes that you sure can afford. The reality is you have to keep on updating the look of your kitchen, not only to keep in trend but also to take care of your home and furniture. But this doesn't need to cost you much.

One of the simplest things you can do is restyle the look of your kitchen cabinets. You could replace them, reface them, or simply repaint them. But if you just want to give your kitchen that antique aura, you can simply glaze your kitchen cabinets.

It doesn't just give your kitchen only that old look, but also quaint and traditional as if it has been around for years. You can glaze as many types of surfaces that you want that were earlier stained or painted. You can even apply it over a stencil, or simply to highlight a few areas only.

I can assure you it is very easy. It's just like painting. How to glaze your kitchen cabinets in style need not be difficult nor should it cost you a lot of money.

The first thing you should do is detach the doors of the kitchen cabinets. You can't glaze them right up on the wall or on the counter. It would be downright messy and may be even dangerous. Then, clean the doors completely especially the surfaces. Make sure that they are also dry afterwards.

Next, you are ready to create a glaze mixture of your choice. You just mix one part paint, and one part thinner. This is the usual mixture. But if you want it darker, use three parts paint and one part thinner. If you want it lighter use one part paint and three parts thinner.

If you have the money, there are also readymade glazes in different tones. Now you are ready to apply the glaze mixture. Make sure to cover the areas where you are painting the cabinets with some old newspaper or old cloths.

How to glaze your kitchen cabinets with a perfect finish: will need a good paintbrush in applying the mixture. The brushstrokes do matter in the finish product. And that's it. Allow the cabinets to dry thoroughly before reattaching them. Your kitchen now has that antique feel. This technique looks particularly great on maple glazed cabinets and distressed kitchen cabinets.

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