Planning a career is one of the most important processes that we will undertake in life. We will spend a large portion of our lives working, and without a vocation or career that we love, we will be miserable. No matter your age, stepping back to plan a career can help you find a job that fits and that you will enjoy getting out of bed to do each and every day.

The following steps are offered in order to help you go about planning a career that you will absolutely love.

Consider Hobbies and Activities

Make a list of your favorite activities. Some of these will easily lend themselves to career ideas. For example, if you like to write, you might want to pursue a career as a professional writer and editor.

Narrow Down List of Interests

Separate those activities that lend themselves to a career choice from those that are not feasible as permanent jobs. Planning a career requires us to be realistic. Not all of our hobbies will translate well into vocations. For instance, we might really love music, but not all of us will be able to become rock stars and most of us will need to look at what else we might do as a music career.

Take a Career Test

Take a career interest test to help you figure out whether the activities you love now will be activities that can sustain a vocation in the future. Colleges and local employment centers are some of the best places to take these tests.

Consider In-Demand Careers

Check into the demand for the careers you have discerned based on the preceding steps. Good career development and planning involves searching out a field that is in high-demand, otherwise you will not be able to make any money doing what you love.

Bonus Tips

• Planning a career is a process that you may start and stop several times in your life, so do not be too worried if you do not get it all right the first time.

• Look into how you may plan for a career even if you are already making money at your current job. There is no reason why you have to stay there forever, especially if you hate it.

• Be realistic about your career opportunities lest you be disappointed when you cannot get the job you have pursued for so long.