Going Green doesn't mean you have to totally change the way you have been living in one swoop. You can make some very simple changes in your life style that will make going green now a way of life. We all know of the most obvious ways to go green are hybrid cars and solar power, but are many, many other ways to go green that won't cost a lot.

Things You Will Need

Water filters.
Compact fluorescent bulbs.

Step 1

Stop buying bottled water, instead install a water filter on your kitchen facet, or even better install a whole house water filter or a reverse osmosis water filter. Buy a reusable water bottle or the new personalized water bottles that is uniquely yours, that you can refill and go green at the same time.

Step 2

Cut your shower time. Most of use love a long, hot shower after a long day, but by cutting your shower time in half, you will save water and energy at the same time. Going green in the shower will also cut the energy in half that it takes to heat water in your hot water heater.

Step 3

Buy produce that has been grown locally. This is the easiest way to go green. Your cost for locally grown produce is usually lower than that of produce that is not grown locally.

Step 4

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. You will see an imediate decrease in your electricity use.

Step 5

Recycle those things that can be recycled. News papers, plastic bottles, clear glass and magazines are among just a few things that can be recycled.
Making small changes will have a big impact on the planet and your life.

Tips & Warnings