Stay Warm and Have Fun

With the Spring Break coming up, many people turn their thoughts to some kind of holiday. Yes it can be nice to head to the hot sun and beaches, but spring camping can be just as fun. If you are looking for cool things to do on spring break then consider breaking out the camping gear.

If you prepare for those still cool nights and cool days, you will enjoy the fresh air, and nature at its best. Although many camping parks don't officially open their doors until the May long weekend, there are some that will allow winter and spring camping for those serious backpackers.

But with the modern fabrics and cool gadgets you can get now for camping, you can stay warm and toasty on those cool spring nights without overloading the car or yourself. But as a camper who has stayed out in the cold, there are a few things you should do a bit differently when it is early in the season. It may not be as cold as say the middle of winter, but that ground is still freezing cold. Here are 5 tips.

1. How To Camp At Spring Break - The first thing is, to stay off the ground in your tent. This means go for a camping cot rather than a camping air mattress that you would put on the ground. The cold ground is going to work its way through that air mattress to you. If you can afford a easy to fold and setup camping cot, this gets you off the ground.

2. A good sleeping bag - It doesn't have to be artic rated, unless you are out in the really cold regions, but it should be good to 10F. A decent 3 season sleeping bag will work with an extra blanket on top. If you don't want to spring for a new sleeping bag, then consider lining it with an extra layer of sheets or thin blanket.Tent HeaterCredit:

3. Optional Tent Heater - You can get these online. They are suppose to be safe for the tent and use a propane tank that sits outside. Although I never felt comfortable having something like that running in the tent. Some friends have used these to get the tent warmed up before heading to bed and shutting it off. That would work. But it is something extra you would have to carry.

4. Extra Layers - Break out the long johns for guys and girls. No one wants to feel cold. They are easy to pack in your knapsack, and you may welcome them on a cold night or while hiking during the day.

5. Bring Extra snacks such as trail mix. You may find yourself needing more food if you are out hiking.


How to Camp at Spring Break - It can be exciting to get back out camping again, even if there is still some snow here and there. If you dress warm, and prepare for the night, then there is nothing nicer than that campfire on a cool spring night.

Camping has always been a holiday activity for many people. If you love being outdoors and especially love that fresh renewed feeling of spring air, then consider going spring camping for your break this year. Bring a few friends and have fun.

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