Dealing With Aging
One day you look in the mirror and see multiple pesky grey intruders along your hairline, that is, if you still have one. Fine lines start appearing on your face in pairs and the skin under your arms flaps in the wind when waving goodbye. The strangest thing about all of these new-found oddities is that it all seems to have happened over night, out of the clear blue. Some folks are able to cope with aging better than others. The following steps are guides that will help you deal with your aging issues and have you jumping hurdles in no time. The main thing to remember is not to panic; it's not the end of the word. Don't look at it as a road block; embrace it as a detour for new opportunities, strength and happiness.

Things You Will Need

A desire to better your life
Flexibility to try new things
A possible attitude adjustment


Step 1

Eating Healthy
Eating Healthy

By Eating Healthy; eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and take supplements of Vitamin D and Calcium, as your body absorbs less nutrients when you get older.

Step 2

By Exercising your Mind By Exercising your Mind

By Exercising Your Mind; as the saying goes, "Use It or Lose It". Exercising your mind can prevent cognitive demise. Try your hand at sudoku, crosswords or other puzzles, play cards, research, read, and sign up for Infobarrel to write and learn new things. There are many online games available to choose from as well.

Step 3

By Socializing More By Socializing More

By Socializing More: Surround yourself with family and friends, and make new friends of all ages. Join a book or garden club, play golf or bridge or join a church bible study group. If you are not a people person, rescue a new pet. That way, you'll be sure that your new-found friend will be loyal and forgiving of the receding hairline and double chin, offering unconditional love and companionship.

Step 4

By Staying On Top Of your Health By Staying On Top Of your Health

By Staying On Top Of Your Health: Visit your physician for routine screening such as mammogram, prostate, cholesterol, blood pressure, eye and hearing exams. Also, do some family tree research to find out any history of illnesses such as heart disease or cancers that you can take preventative measures against.

Though you may think that your looks and body are starting to tarnish, allow your inner beauty to shine through. Continue to learn and grow, maintain your enthusiasm and curiosity, be receptive to change by keeping an open mind. Last but not least, be creative with your God given talents, and have fun.

and dance like nobody's watching!

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