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If you want to make action videos while enjoying exciting sports such as skydiving, biking or skiing, you should consider the GoPro HD Hero 960 camera. This camera can be mounted on a helmet or used with the included strap as a wearable device. It is quickly ready to take point of view, (POV), action videos that will look great on YouTube. The case is made of rugged material that protects the camera from normal shocks experienced during active sporting activities. The lens can be replaced for $20 and the case for $40 should excessive damage occur in the field.

The GoPro HD Hero 960 camera is used as either a webcam with 720p or 960p HD resolution or as a 5 megapixel still camera. It has good low level light sensitivity. The built-in microphone captures good quality sound when creating videos. The unit can take up to 2.5 hours of video on a battery charge. The conditions will affect this time, however. Batteries typically deliver less power in colder environments. Avid skiers may want to consider buying a spare battery to maximize the amount of video time that can be created in a day.

Long videos also require substantial memory capacity. Like most cameras, the GoPro HD Hero 960 camera does not include a storage card. Buyers will be disappointed with the performance of cheap ones. Much better videos will be created with a quality unit such as the Kingston 16GB or 32GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card. These memory cards will last longer than the battery when creating videos. The battery may be charged in 2 hours when the camera is connected to a computer via the USB cable or in 1 hour when plugged into a standard electrical service.


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The camera is very rugged and waterproof up to a depth of 180 feet or 60 meters. This allows excellent videos of kayaking, snorkeling or diving sports. The video capture is very wide angle so all of the underwater action will be captured. A light device, it weighs barely more than 6 ounces or 179 grams, including the weight of the battery. When used as a wearable device, the camera should not be too noticeable.

GoPro also offers a higher resolution 1080p model for about $120 more. This model uses the same rugged case and lens but has a different image sensor system. It reduces the angle capture rate. The 960p and 720p images are captured at ultra-wide 170 degrees while the 1080p captures images at a 120 degree angle. At the highest angles, the edge of the image field tends to curve a little. This is a standard effect on wide-angle images which can be corrected by various video editing software packages.

While many satisfied users report excellent results with the GoPro HD Hero 960 camera, there can be trouble with the standard adhesive mount and the strap during excessive shock periods such as with mountain biking. There is a more rugged strap available for about $15 that mounts the camera more securely to a helmet or the photographer's head. Try the standard mounting aids first, but remember that the more secure mount is available if required.

The GoPro HD Hero 960 camera may be just what you want for taking great quality videos of those action sports such as biking, skiing, skydiving or most any other action sports. The point of view videos can really capture the action of the sports experience. When coupled with a quality 16GB or 32GB flash memory card, the camera offers the ability to take hours of video. This allows for extensive capture of long-running activities such as trail riding, cross country travel or other duration sports.

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