Grilled steak to perfection

The summer season is filled with many outdoor parties and celebrations. Cooking outdoors is a sensuous and fun-filled way to enjoy meals. To grill meat to perfection or have a backyard picnic is memorable and an important part of our American culture. Here are easy steps to grill meat and enjoy family and friends, with food and drink.

Step 1

Clean the grill thoroughly before firing up. Make sure it is completely cooled down. Clean surfaces and racks with grease fighting dish soap and water, also baking soda.

Step 2

Spray your cooking area with a non-stick cooking spray. This will prevent your meat from sticking when you are rotating or removing it. Olive oil a or a regular vegetable oil sprayed on the grid area can save you from losing broken off pieces.

Step 3

Place your grilling meat on the heat, when the temperature is correct. The fluctuation in temperatures will cause your food to dry out or burn. If you are using a charcoal grill, make sure that the coals are white before putting the meat on the grill. This is when the temperatures have leveled out.

Step 4

Marinate the meat for grilling. Much of the marinade should be wiped off before placing on the grill to avoid burning the meat too quickily from the marinade sugars. Baste with the marinade and add seasonings in the last few moments of grilling to have the right outer layer coating. Bring out the meats natural flavors the best that you can.

Step 5

Sear the grilled meat to lock in the taste and juices. Again, place it over the hottest portion of the white coals. Make sure it is quickly transferred to the cooler side of the grill to complete cooking. We want to sear in the flavors but not toughen the meat.

Step 6

Poking holes in meat will cause the juice inside to leak out into the bottom of the grill. Not only will this make your food dry and unappealing, it can also ruin your barbecue grill. This makes for a difficult and timely clean-up. Use a grilling spatula when flipping, be non-invasive, as much as possible.

Step 7

Finish the grilled meat and place it on a clean platter for serving. Know the correct temperatures for doneness: 125 degrees for medium-rare and 165 degrees for well-done is an approximation. Never use utensils or dishes that have raw meat juices on them. Bacteria spreads quickly, always be hyper-vigilant about this.