It is not that long ago that animals were only used in order to make the life of humans easier and if a family had dogs they were either guarding the home or used for hunting.

The dogs would live outside in the yard, the would be fed with left-overs or whatever was available and as long as they were doing the job they were there to do, they could stick around. However, as soon as their working life was over, they would be abandoned by their owner and replaced by a newer model.

This way of dealing with dogs and animals in general has changed a lot over the last 10 or 20 years and people have started bonding a lot more. Dogs instead of living outside, are now kept in the home and people spend small fortunes to make their life as comfortable as possible, buying all sorts of toys, bowls, bones, expensive dog feeds and even dog cooler beds to keep them cool during hot summer months.

Dog's health care has become a lot more complicated and grooming dogs has even become a profession with specialized schooling and competitions held all over the world. There are always extremes in any situation but basic grooming is a must if you want to keep your dog as healthy as possible and a daily or weekly grooming session has many advantages.

One of these advantages is of course that you will be bonding more with your pet, but a more important advantage is that you will be able to notice any unusual lumps or bumps before they can turn into more serious conditions. This gives your the opportunity to take care of matters and bring your pet to the vet as soon as possible, ensuring the best health care possible.

Even though many dog owners will swear their dog talks to them, they unfortunately don't speak human, making it very hard to communicate to us if they are having some sort of problem. The grooming sessions thus offer some extra time that the owner has a closer look at the dog and the grooming will point out any possible problems.

So how should you go about grooming without totally upsetting your dog? Most of the dogs are okay with the basic techniques of grooming, including giving a nice brushing in order to make their coat shine and remove unwanted lose dog hair. And even if they don´t like it a lot, it is pretty easy to get them used to short brushing sessions if you just take it slow and make it an as pleasant an experience as possible. You will find that your dog will get accustomed to his brushing sessions and will start loving it at some point.

The grooming becomes a whole other story though as soon as it becomes obvious that some water and shampoo are going to be used. Somehow even the dogs that love splashing around in the sea or will run through and roll around in each puddle they come across, hate being washed and bathed. In fact, most dogs who are not used to this type of grooming will go in a state of total panic and will try doing all they can to avoid ending up in the bath tub.

The best way to handle this situation is to go slow and give your dog the time to get used to each new step of the grooming process. In the case you are dealing with very young dogs you are at an advantage because these little puppies will be easier to handle and seeing that they are still young, they will grown used to full grooming sessions as long as you go step by step and make sure not to scare them at any point. If you make the experience as pleasant as possible, chances are they will enjoy being groomed for the rest of their lives.

However if you are dealing with adult dogs that have never been bathed before, it is a whole other story and you will have to take very small steps, one at a time, in order to not provoke absolute terror.

Don´t start with showering your dog straight away but instead make sure that the first grooming sessions consist of brushing and maybe some massage to make it a nice experience and only after you notice that your dog is totally ok with being handled this way could you think of adding a little warm water to the mix. This will take a bit of time to get used though and the more time you spend on the preparation stage, the less problems you will have later on down the line, so feel free to rub your pet all over, scratching, touching, rubbing, stroking and massaging slowly while praising your pet for accepting to be touched.

You will find that the more relaxed your pet becomes, the easier the next step will be.

The Bathing of Your Dog

Depending on the size of your dog, you can decide to wash them in the shower, bath tub or maybe outside in the garden if the weather allows for that, but wherever you decide to start bathing your dog, it is a good idea to first get your dog accustomed to being handled in that particular area. Especially the shower or bath tub seems to cause quite some distress, mostly because your dog will likely to be slipping away on the surface, so consider putting a little rubber mat down to ensure grip.

Once your dog is used to this new environment and relaxed you can start getting them used to warm water. Make sure it does not run into their ears or eyes because this could cause an adverse reaction, but as long as you go really slow, talking to them during the whole process and be aware of their stress level, you should be able to start bathing your dog little by little.

There are special dog shampoos on the market that will be of great help and will detangle their coat with ease without removing the fat they need in order to protect their skin. But even if you are using special dog shampoos, make sure you take great care in removing all the soap. If soap is left behind chances are you will have to bathe your pet again and their skin could become irritated.

If you follow all these steps and make sure the whole experience is pleasant for your dog, going slow and taking care as to not pressure your dog too much, you will soon find that they start loving the grooming sessions.