Daffodils, a flower symbolizing friendship, burst into waves and clumps of color across the countryside and neighborhoods early each and every spring. There are at least 50 species and over 13,000 hybrids of Daffodils. As perennials, these early-blooming spring bulbs are easy to grow, propagate and store. You can follow some simple steps to be rewarded every spring with an early display of cheerful flowers.

Daffodils(82843)Credit: wikimedia.org: by Alan Cleaver

Things You Will Need

Daffodil bulbs
Garden spade
Garden hose

Garden gloves
Compost, organic matter, fertilizer

White DaffodilsCredit: wikimedia.org: by UpstateNYer

Locate an appropriate site for your Daffodils. A sunny location is the most ideal. This spring bulb flowers before the trees are full of leaves so planting close to trees is not an issue as long as you plant outside of the tree's drip line.The tree's drip line is generally located around the tree where the branches end.

Plant the bulbs in soil that has good drainage. They prefer pH levels between 6.0 and 7.0. Soil that does not have good drainage, or is heavy with clay, can be amended by mixing organic matter into the top 12 to 18 inches of soil. The bulbs can be planted in raised beds or along hillsides to improve drainage. Bone meal or superphosphate should be added and mixed in to the soil below the bulb to encourage root development in the bulbs. In sandy soil, plant bulbs slightly deeper.

Orange-Yellow DaffodilsCredit: wikimedia.org: by PatMcD

Mulch around the Daffodil to preserve moisture.

Plant the bulbs six weeks before the first frost is expected. Plant the bulbs to a depth of two times the bulb height with the pointed end up. These spring flowering bulbs can be planted singly but clumps of them are striking.

Use a 10-10-10 fertilizer or your own organic fertilizer when the shoots start to break through in the spring. Do not fertilize after they have flowered.

Daffodil(82848)Credit: wikimedia.org: by Cillas

When Daffodils are done flowering, let the plant die back naturally. It is during this time that the bulb stores nutrients and energy for next year's flowering. Once foliage has died, dig up the bulbs.

Wash the Daffodil bulbs, allow to dry and place in a mesh bag or a pair of old stockings. Store bulbs in a cool area with good air circulation. Heat will dry the bulbs out and kill them. Store the early spring flowering bulbs until time to plant in the fall. Propagate through bulb division when they are dug up in clumps, throw away any bulbs that are starting to rot.