There are 180 species of Honeysuckle that come in either bush or vining varieties. Honeysuckle flowers throughout spring and may even flower into mid summer. The flowers produce a sweet smelling, edible nectar that attracts hummingbirds. While the care and propagation of Honeysuckle is easy, the plant does need to be pruned yearly.

HoneysuckleCredit: by Nordelch

Things You Will Need

Garden gloves
Garden shovel
Garden hose
Garden sheers
Organic or general purpose fertilizer
Rooting hormone
Potting soil

Choose a location where Honeysuckle will receive full sun. An area that receives light afternoon shade would be fine.

Install a trellis or other support for vining varieties before planting the Honeysuckle.

Plant Honeysuckle plants at least 2 feet away from each other and 1 foot away from the support structure.

Plant in early spring.

Honeysuckle do well in most soils but prefer well drained soil. It will tolerate some dryness but it is advised to mulch to prevent over drying. Honeysuckle prefer a pH range between 6.1 - 7.8 with different species preferring more specific pH ranges.

Fertilize Honeysuckle in the beginning of spring with either an organic fertilizer or a general purpose fertilizer. Fertilize once again about midway through the flowering season.

Honeysuckle can become invasive and will vine up nearby trees, chocking them in the process. Prune lightly in fall during the first year of growth. In subsequent years, prune back hard in the fall to prevent the Honeysuckle from becoming a nuisance. Honeysuckle grows quickly so don't be afraid to cut it back to 1/3 of its size.

Honeysuckle is very easily propagated through root ball division or stem cuttings. To propagate through stem cuttings, cut 6 inches of new, green growth. Strip the bottom 2 inches of the stem clean of leaves. Dip the end into rooting hormone and place in moist potting soil in your choice of planter. Keep the cutting moist in a sunny location. In approximately 3 weeks the cutting will develop roots.

You can also root the Honeysuckle cutting by placing it in a vase of water in a sunny window. Change water frequently to prevent rotting. When roots are 2-3 inches long the Honeysuckle is ready to plant.