Long Healthy HairIf you want long, healthy, shiny hair, then you have to take great care of what you already have and follow these simple steps. You are on your way to getting the long hair you desire.

What you will need:

* A good strengthening shampoo and conditioner

* Leave in conditioner

* Wide tooth comb

* Natural bristle brush

* Daily Multivitamins

* Lots of Water

* A stylist you trust for trims

What to do:

*To get your hair long and healthy, you need to first make sure that you are taking good care of yourself by taking daily vitamins, drinking plenty of water, and eating right. If you do this, it will shine through in all aspects of your appearance.

*As for your hair, you should first of all remember to be very gentle with it. You don't want to break off strands by constantly pulling at it or putting it up in a tight hairdo every day. Try to let it go free or loosely tie it back out of your face. Also, avoid blow drying and hot irons as much as possible. These really damage hair when you are trying to grow it out.

*Try not to wash your hair every day. Let the natural oils build up so it can build up more strength and prevent split ends. When you do wash it, make sure you are using a good strengthening shampoo, followed by conditioner. When you comb it out, use a wide tooth comb and take your time detangling it. Don't yank at it. This will only cause more breakage. Try using a leave-in conditioner if you have trouble combing it out.

*When you are getting ready for bed each night, brush your hair from root to tip with a natural bristle brush. Do this for a few minutes to make your hair soft and shiny. This will distribute the natural oils through your hair and help protect it from damage.

*Trim off only the split ends when you start to notice them. Don't let them get worse by leaving them on. Talk to your hair stylist about the fact that you are trying to grow your hair out so they won't cut off any extra length during your trim.