Onions are a popular garden vegetable and if you do not grow them already, teaching yourself how to grow onions is easy to do.  They are speedy growers and can be harvested at almost any time, as they are good to eat at any stage of growth.  Read this How To Grow Onions guide and get started right away.  You will always have plenty of onions for yourself and your neighbors.

Soil preparation

Prepare the soil be adding compost or manure at least 2 weeks before planting.  It can be done early, even the fall before, but no later than 2 weeks before.  You want to give it a chance to work into the soil and any clumps a chance to break up.  Press the soil down firmly, lightly treading on it.  Onions like the ground firm.

It is best to grow onions is the same spot only one year in three.  You can also plant among your carrots and tomatoes.  Companion planting, depending of the companion plant, will help witHow to Grow OnionsCredit: PD - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:YellowOnions.jpgh flavor, and/or weeds.

Sowing Onions

The easiest way to grow onions is from sets.  These are small onions.  These will grow more surely and with less work than seeds.  You will not have to weed the onions later.

Plant the onion sets about four to six weeks before the last spring freeze.  Plant each one about four inches apart.  If you are planting in rows, where you will have to get in between them, leave about thirty inches between each row.  If you are using a raised bed, the square foot method, in a container, or just using a corner of your garden, plant four inches apart in each direction. If you are planning to pick some for green onions or when they are small, you can squeeze the spacing down to two inches, and then pick all the ones in the center, so the big onions have four inches on each side.

Weed Control

Since onions send up slender shoots of leaves, this leaves plenty of sun for the weeds to take advantage of.  Use your hoe and hands and keep a regular weeding schedule to keep them under control.  Since the onions are growing at the top of the soil, they are fighting for the same nutrients as the weeds, so weed can choke them out if not kept under control.

When Is The Onion Ready To Pick

Onions are mature when the tops have fallen over.  Pull them from the ground, and let them lay there for a day or so.  Then, clip the roots and cut all but one inch of the tops off.  To store them, keep them dry and separated and store them in a cool place.  If one looks bad, take it away immediately, to keep it from spreading to the other onions.How to Grow Onions(69767)Credit: PD - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ARS_red_onion.jpg

The onion is a biennial plant, meaning it will flower after two years of growth.  If the onion is fooled into thinking it has been two years, by multiple cycles of temperature fluctuation, it may flower.  If it does so, the best thing to do is to pick it and eat it.


Get started as soon as the next good time for planting comes along.  Next time you get a good harvest of onions and are able to use fresh onions in your cooking, you will be glad you learned how to grow onions.

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