Spider plants are a perfect house plant. When looking for house plants it is always wise to find one that can grow easily with minimal care and that is the spider plant. Secondly, the plant is a very attractive, full plant that is comforting on the eye and a conversation piece for visitors.

Things You Will Need

Pot, soil and spider plant

Step 1

Pick out a pot that is fairly large and has strong drainage. Also, make sure it is a hanging pot as the spider plant is one that likes to vine out and down. Fill the pot with rich potting soil and dig a hole in the middle of the pot.

Step 2

Place the plant in the pot. Make sure it is firmly anchored in the soil and mound the soil up around the plant. Water the plant with Miracle Grow based water. Hang it up near a window but away from a heat vent or heat source.

Step 3

Check the plant every other day, checking to see if the soil is drying out. During the winter months the air is dry and plants often need more water.

Step 4

Keep the dead and brown leaves off the plant. Trimming the plant keeps it looking healthy and pleasant. Removing the dead leaves also allows room for the young sprouts room for growth.

Step 5

Add fertilizer to the soil. A pot has minimal room for soil and the nutrients will quickly be removed. Add some form of fertilizer to the keep the soil rich in nutrients or simply add fresh potting soil.

Step 6

Trim the shoots off the spider plant as they grow. Trimming off shoots allows for both more plants as these can planted and promotes continued growth of the original plant.
Taking care of house plants can be a chore, but having healthy plants makes for a pleasant house.

Tips & Warnings

Keeping the proper moisture content in the soil is critical.