Grains and seeds can be grown inside the house to become sprouts. This is very affordable and convenient, since you do not need to go to the supermarket every so often to purchase some sprouts for salads and meals.

Plus, you are rest assured that your sprouts are free from any chemicals like pesticides.

What's good with sprouting seeds is that it is very easy especially for those who have no experience in gardening, and the materials needed are readily available in your own home.

Unfortunately, majority of people think that sprouting seeds is difficult and complicated.

However, this is not true. If you want to know how to grow sprouting seeds, here are a few simple steps that you could follow.

Things You Will Need

Preparing the materials is the first thing that you will need to do in order to sprout your seeds. You will need a pack of seeds for your sprouts (these seed packs are available in your local supermarket and even in organic shops). A quart-sized jar, tepid water and a great deal of patience.

Step 1

You should put water into the quart-sized jar until it is partially full. Keep in mind that the water should neither be extremely hot or cold as this would damage the seeds' membranes. Then, you can scoop up about one and one-half tablespoon of the seeds and put them in the jar filled with water. Sprouting jars and lids are very easy to find and you can get them pretty much anywhere.

Step 2

Sometimes, the seeds may not be clean enough. In order to clean it, you need to swirl the water in the jar with the seeds for about 3 times. Seeds have a tendency to grow quicker when cleaned. Drain the jar then replace it with lukewarm water. Then, cover the jar and leave the seeds soaked overnight. Remember to keep the jar away from light as possible because darkness encourages germination to occur.

Step 3

After the first day, you should drain the water inside the jar and find a place which is not directly exposed to the sunlight. Place the jar at an angle which permits the jar to drain the extra water out. Turn the quart-sized jar and smooth out the seeds inside it. Covering the jar using a towel and leaving the broccoli seeds for up to 4 hours is needed.

Step 4

Patience is the key to this step. You will now need to wait until finally, you will notice that your seeds start to sprout up. It depends on how you did it, but the sprouts should come out sooner or later. Once it comes out, you can now put them in a new and large container for them to grow further. Refrigerating it will help preserve its freshness. Simply follow the easy sprouting instructions above and you'll have beautiful sprouts in no time!

Tips & Warnings