Strawberries are easy to grow and in a container. Anyone can grow strawberries, even if you live in an apartment you can grow your own fresh tasty strawberries. Homegrown strawberries taste better than store bought.

Try growing strawberries in a container!  It's easy to grow strawberries and anyone can do it.  To get started you will need a few things: 

  • A container - You can find special containers which are made specifically for growing strawberries.  These aren't your typical containers, they actually have little pockets on the sides to put additional strawberry plants so all your plants are on top of the container but also on the sides of the container.  These pots are great for growing the maximum number of strawberry plants possible in one pot.  However, you don't have to have this type of pot.  Any old pot will do as long as the pot is deep enough.  Strawberry plants need about 14" for their roots to stretch out.
  • Potting soil - Strawberry plants aren't all that picky about their soil, like other plants can be.  Start off with fresh potting soil.  Soil which has been previously used for tomatoes should not be used.
  • Strawberry plants - Buying strawberry plants will save you a lot of frustration.  Yes, you can try and grow strawberries from seed but plants are so much easier!
  • Fertilizer - You will need to fertilize once or twice during the growing cycle.  Typically you should fertilize at the beginning of the growing cycle but some people will fertilize "everbearring strawberries" or "day neutral strawberries" again after the first crop has been havested.
  • Water

How to Grow Strawberries in a Container

Now that you have all the stuff you need to grow strawberries in a container, it's time to get started!

  1. PICK A SUNNY LOCATION - Strawberry plants love sun. Find a nice sunny location for your strawberry container.   If you don't have a sunny location, don't worry you can still grow strawberries indoors with a special container.
  2. CHOOSE A CONTAINER - Choose the container of your choice. Keep in mind strawberry roots need room to grow so you container needs to be at least 12-14 inches deep.  You can also grow strawberries in hanging baskets.  Place container in sunny location and fill with potting soil.
  3. PICKING OUT STRAWBERRY PLANTS - There are two main types of strawberries to choose from:
    - "June Bearing" will produce strawberries in spring or early summer
    - "Everbearing" also called "Day Neutral" will produce from early summer until frost.
    I recommend going with everbearing plants but check with your local nursery and find out what is best for your climate.
  4. WATERING - Strawberries don't like a lot of water but do need frequent waterings.  Strawberries growing in hanging baskets may need watered more frequently than strawberries in pots.  Mulching your plants will help keep them cool and retain some water.