During my past time I like to do gardening and cooking. That’s why I made a plan to make a garden in front of my house. For gardening I chose to grow beans as they are my favorite vegetable.  It’s a wonderful experience to grow something from seed and later be capable of utilizing them in different ways.

 If you want to grow any vegetable profitably it is a must to begin with good soil. In fact it is the primary step for growing anything. If you are unable to use the perfect type of soil it is impossible for green beans to thrive.   The soil needs to drained smoothly.  There is a possibility of getting the green bean plants rotten if there is no good drainage system.  It should be ensured that the soil is reasonably rich. The beans will need normally a perfect 8 to 10 inches of soil.  10-20-10 fertilizer is used for fertilizing the soil. It is better to mix the fertilizer into the top 3-4 inches of the soil.

Do you have any idea about the types and colors of beans? Actually beans can be of different types and colors. For example you can harvest green beans and the range of area for harvesting green beans depends on the amount of beans you want to grow. Normally two kinds of green beans are found, firstly bush beans and secondly pole beans. From the name of bush beans you can get the idea that these are found to be grown on a low growing bush. For pole beans it is necessary to allowe the bean stock to grow vertically in the garden

Whenever you want to select the variety of green bean for growing in your garden you’ll also think about the colors. You will notice that the actual green bean will never come in green. The common purple green bean is actually a pole bean and known as violet-podded. Rocquencourt is another green bean and this color is yellow. You can decide to grow a variety of colored bean but you’ll discover exactly the same taste and flavor like a standard green bean.

I can give you some suggestions if you’re really interested in bean gardening in your own garden. It is better not to plant them too early. It is important to ensure that the minimum temperature of the soil is 65 degrees. You can stagger the planting of seeds as well as plants if you are reluctant to preserve a large amount of harvest at one time. For an excellent supply you can plant seeds every two weeks.

Green bean gardening is a great chance for family enjoyment and a fantastic way to teach your children how to look after the well being of a garden.