Getting Girls To Notice You and figuring out how to get girls to like you can seem like rocket science if you don't know the simple tips on how to get girls which are featured below.

Things You Will Need

Confidence or simply pretend to have confidence

Step 1

A sensible How to Guide: Getting Girls to Notice You is long overdue. So many books and tips rely on a single method or sometimes just on lines so old that your grandmother probably would recognize them. Just one method just won't do it for getting girls, because everyone is individual and what one girl might like or think was cute might totally gross another one out. As for worn out old lines, so far as anyone has ever proven they did not work when they were new. So how do you get girls to notice you? Follow these tips and chances are you will find it a lot easier.

Step 2

First impressions are everything, so prepare. I bet you heard that one before. Well, they are important, and sometimes everything that happens after is based on those first few seconds. You don't have to be dressed up to get a girl to notice you though it certainly helps if you are at a formal function and are trying to impress her. However you really do need to be sure that your shirt is buttoned (unless you wear it open on purpose). Or your t-shirt isn't a walking menu of what you had for lunch. Just covering the basics really helps your chances on getting girls to notice you in a positive way.

Step 3

You are all groomed and looking good and now it's time for the tough part. Yes, I am saying you have to talk to her. It's hard for a girl not to notice the guy in the corner who has been staring at her non-stop for an hour but chances are she's not thinking anything good about him and she may even think it is creepy. Society says guys have to take the plunge and make the first move. So you have to initiate contact first. Sure, she might notice you if you stood on your head in the middle of the party but unless this is a gymnast get together she will almost surely go out of her way to avoid you afterwards. So stand up straight, put your best smile on your face, and walk over as if she were someone you knew well. You may be nervous that is common but the more you do this, the less nervous you will be and the easier it will be for you to get girls to notice you. Confidence is something that many girls find appealing, and it might be hard to project when you are nervous but with practice that too will come.

Step 4

There you are standing near the girl you hope to get to notice you so, what next? The bad news is you have to talk to her. The good news is, you get to talk to her. "Hi my name is Jeffrey" is pretty common and you could even follow it with "I have (haven't) seen you around a lot" or "Isn't it a great/terrible/fun/boring party?" Don't try and tell the hostess the party is terrible, that might not go over too well. These are just polite things to say, casual conversation and can lead into a longer conversation and of course is part of how to get girls to notice you. Talk to them. A lot of guys get really nervous and some just find they can't think of a thing to say, their minds go blank. Plan it out if that is the case. If you know what you are going to say beforehand the chances are smaller you will totally blank.

Step 5

Find common ground, if you and she share interests in common it makes getting girls so much easier. Not to mention there will be things to talk about, do, and enjoy later on.

Be real is another old saying. It works though. When you are talking to this girl and working on getting her to notice you, try and be you. If you don't like a certain artist she is raving about, you don't have to say it, but you sure don't have to pretend. It will save a lot of bother on down the road if you not trying to pretend to like things you hate. Avoid exaggerating who you are, what you do, and what you like. If you compliment her, and you should if it is appropriate, then try and be sincere about it. False flattery has a ring to it and girls pick up on it up fast. It won't help you getting girls if she feels you are laying it on too thick.

Tips & Warnings

You may be rejected a time or two, don't let it bother you too much. You went up had a friendly conversation with a nice girl and if it did not go further, well that happens. However, if you practice this, talking to girls, being real, and being confident you become much more successful over time at getting girls.