Winter can be a challenging season especially on your heating bills. People who rely on fixed incomes who usually get along just fine with their bills can have a tough time around winter when the outside temperature means we need some heating for comfort.

To avoid heating bills with soaring prices, there are simple things you can do at home for free or low costs which can help you slash as much as half the price of your current heating bill! These tips and tricks can help you feel warm and comfortable without having to worry about the bill you’ll be paying for.

Fixes You Can Do at Home

Winterproofing your home can help keep it warmer though it’s becoming colder outside. You can achieve this for under $50 dollars:

  • Block leaks and open crevices. These can be window sills, door frames, vents, and the like. When you combine the total area of these little cracks, you’d come up with more than a square foot of openings which leads cold air into your house. You can caulk these areas or use strips bought from home improvement centers to block these small gaps.
  • Drop the heating temperature. Every time you lower your thermostat, you cut costs as well.
  • Befriend your curtains. Open and close them when necessary. Let as much daylight in when possible to let solar heat warm your living space but close them at night when the window panes become cold from the low temperature outside.
  • Be wary of those exhaust fans! When you are done using the exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen, turn them off to keep as much heat in as possible.

Personal Fixes

There are a number of things you can do to keep yourself warm during the winter. Most of these tips don’t require you to buy anything!

  • Make use of those extra duvets. It’s a lovely thing to sleep comfortably during the night. For better insulation, get those extra duvets out and tuck in!
  • Heat only one or two rooms. If you don’t have to be outside your room for more than a few minutes, stay inside the only heated room for most of your activities. This reduces the fuel used by your heating to warm up the whole house. Use gas fires rather than your gas boiler/furnace.
  • Layer those clothes. Find all the clothes you can’t use for summer and use them now! Pullovers, sweaters, vests, leg warmers, socks and stockings underneath thick track pants. These can help keep you warm. You can also use hats and earmuffs indoors to make you feel even warmer.
  • Buy thermal underwear. It means that you can walk around the house feeling warm and far from chilly.
  • Use hot water bottles. These stay hot for long periods of time and you can use them to keep your hands and feet warm. Have them securely covered and keep them close to you under the sheets.
  • Take shorter showers and refrain from taking baths at all; use as little hot water as you can. This not only cuts the cost of heating, you’ll also have more free time.
  • Don’t use the extractor fan when cooking a meal. That adds warmth to the kitchen area too!
  • Exercise. You’ll develop a sweat if you really work out and this is the best form of heat available in the winter. Body heat!
  • Huddle. If you live with your special someone or have several kids, hide under the blanket and share the love and heat by cuddling. This will even get you closer to the people you love.


Consider these options for staying warm this winter. You needn’t spend as much on your heating bill if you know these tricks to keep in the heat!