From time to time we all worry about things but for others worrying about certain things can become more of an issue and turns into anxietyAnxiety can be caused by a wide variety of things and affects everyone in different ways. Overcoming your personal anxiety issues may require special attention via your doctor but there are some things that you can try first  to improve your self-esteem.

Here are the top tips on how to battle your inner demons, reduce your fear and improve upon your self-esteem:

  • Try to relax- now this may sound harder to do than it is to say it but everyone can become their own expert in no time at all! Taking time out to sit in your pajamas in front of the TV or computer is not the type of relaxation we are talking about! Neither is having a glass of wine or a beer, taking drugs or even smoking. What we are talking about here is true relaxation: yoga, deep breathing, exercise, meditation and even simple things like going for a walk in the park. All of these things will allow you to clear your mind, separate all of the things you have swirling round and sort them into the relevant piles so that you are able to deal with each problem that causes anxiety. This way you are able to take full advantage of these proven and calming techniques.


  • Sleep – Sleep is hugely under rated and most people do not get enough sleep each night due to anxiety, restlessness, stress and worry. Far too many people leave work and take their worries with them. Parents worry about their children and others feel stressed out by other things in their lives. All of this stress can easily turn into anxiety which will keep you from sleeping well and/or sleeping enough. Using the above technique of relaxing will ready you to enjoy a decent night’s sleep. Ensuring that you eat well and making sure that you stop drinking caffeine several hours before you intend on going to sleep will help you to keep your mind quiet. Exercise will also help to improve the amount of oxygen that your cells receive allowing you to enjoy a well rested night’s sleep.


  • Social life: For people who have anxiety problems they will often find that they have alienated themselves away from both their friends and their family members as they have dug themselves into a hole of which they seldom want to come out of! For those who want change and desire to learn the techniques that can help them conquer anxiety issues one of the first steps is to initiate contact with those whom you care the most about. True friends will understand if you explain to them your distance and will stand by you as well as help you to beat anxiety. Family members will do the same which will flood you with love, warmth and happiness which are wonderful things that will help you to get over your anxiety.



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