At some point in our lives we all have to deal with conflict. Conflict is a natural consequence of human nature. Regardless of how kind and understanding we are, and how hard we may try to always be accommodating to others, there comes a time in everyone's lives where we are faced with the undesirable stress of being in conflict with someone.

Although it is not always possible to always avoid conflict there are some constructive things we can do that will ease the situation. Conflict doesn't always have to be a showdown. Preparing yourself for a big battle is not the way to handle conflict in a healthy manner.

Conflict can happen when we least expect it and when we're least prepared, such as in a line at the grocery store. A rude comment from someone when you are out in public may catch you so off guard that you angrily react in defense by acting or talking rude yourself. One confrontational scene can actually cause a stress that affects your mood for the duration of your day.

Consider the following tips for dealing with confrontation so that you can handle conflict in your life in a healthy manner.

Take a Breath

Get in the habit of forcing yourself to breathe before you respond. Often we react with aggression when we react with emotion rather than with logical thought. Force yourself to take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, and then consider your response before reacting to a confrontational situation.

Don't Respond Right Away

Be willing to walk away from a confrontational situation to give yourself a chance to consider a mature and healthy response. You might need a few minutes or you might need a few days. Weigh the consequences of your response and decide if it is worth the fight. You may find that after you've taken a breath you can see the situation more clearly and can react in a calmer manner, easing the conflict.

Find a Compromise Once Everyone's Cooled Down

After you've given yourself a chance to cool down and look at the situation rationally, approach the individual with the attitude of finding a compromise to the conflict. If you go into a situation with the desire to win the battle then you are only likely to stir up more conflict. If you go into the situation with the desire to find a compromise and work through the conflict you are more likely to begin conversation without tension and animosity.

Admit When You are Wrong

There are two sides to every story. Although you may not feel that you are wrong when it comes to a confrontational problem with another person, it helps to relieve the conflict to at least see that the other person was hurt in some way, whether intentionally on unintentionally by you. If you are willing to admit, in a confrontational situation, that you owe the person an apology, or at least an explanation, then you are more likely to resolve your conflict.