Injuries from defective medicines can range from simple rashes to serious fatal side effects.
That is why pharmaceutical companies have to be responsible in labeling the drugs they produce and make sure that all information about possible effects (good or bad) are given to the consuming public.

However, even though pharmaceutical companies are required by law to show the results of the clinical tests that the drug has undergone and to include warnings of possible effects, these findings and warnings can sometimes be unreliable and insufficient.

Pharmaceutical companies are private companies and making profit is their primary priority.
That is why there could be instances that a drug does not go through the broadest range of possible tests in an effort to get the medicines on drug store shelves as soon as possible.

This rush could lead to different safety concerns like:
· Contamination
· Mislabeling of drug
· Undiscovered and unreported harmful side effects
· Improper handling, transport and storage of drugs
· Unreliable trial results
· Pharmacist errors

If you sustained injuries or a family member dies as a result of a defective medicine then you may file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company.

A defective drug lawsuit is usually filed against pharmaceutical companies because of the harmful effects of the drugs that are not disclosed in the label.

However, how will you know if you are a victim of a defective product?
Not because you suffered an adverse effect from the drug, it means that you already have a case.
The adverse effect may have been properly disclosed by the company and you were just not able to read it from the label.

Here is what you should do:
· First and foremost is that you should consult a doctor. He should be able to tell you if the drug you taken should have had a negative effect on you or if it is an acceptable side effect disclosed by the company.
· If the doctor said that the adverse effect should not have occurred, then look for news and information about similar cases to your own.

You might not know it, but there may already be other cases reported about the defective product.
If there's other people who sustained the same injuries as a result of the same drug than you should consider filing a class lawsuit.

The evidence will be considerably stronger since all members of the lawsuit experienced the same injuries from the drug.