There are several factors that contribute to developing work place stress. Stress comes not only from workload but also from people with whom you work. These include your colleagues, mangers and bosses. You must be aware of how to interact with people so that you can stop stress form severely affecting your work and creating a horrible experience for you.

While it is a fact that people that cause problems and stress for you exist not only at work but in every fact of life, it is critical to deal with the work related stress since you tend to spend a major part of your day at work and your productivity also affects the output of the company as a whole. The way you handle situation especially at work would depend on what level of authority you have. If you are the leader of a team that has been assigned a specific task, you would have to manage that team effectively to be able to produce the required result otherwise you may not be able to meet the set deadline which in turn would mean an increase in the level of stress you would experience.

A few suggestion you can utilize in managing the people that make up your team such that you do not suffer from high levels of stress include your ability to be able to impose your authority when you find that some of the team members are not doing what they ought to or not producing the quality of work that is expected of them. You need to be able to set work standards and ensure that everyone working with you sticks to that standard. You also have to be able to be assertive when you communicate. Talk to the various people involved with each task setting out clearly their various responsibilities. You must be able to these without any emotion letting them know your purpose is to ensure that the team works efficiently together so that unparallel productivity can be achieved.

One of the major causes of stress within the workplace is due to the effect of demands that are not normally within the confines of your work description. When such demands arise you need to be able to evaluate it well so as to determine if it is something that is expected of you to do or not. If the latter is the case you need to be able to turn it down politely so that you can focus on what exactly is your core responsibilities. This does not mean that you cannot handle emergencies when they arise, but such issues must be dealt with as a team not you just shouldering all the responsibilities for sorting out the emergency situation. When you are able to do this you would find that you have been able to drastically cut down he level of stress that you are experiencing form your workplace.

One important skill you require in order to be able to manage workplace stress effectively is the ability to negotiate within your group. This skill would go a long way to helping you resolve whatever conflict might arise within your group. If you have a conflict scenario within your group that is affecting your stress level you need to be able to evaluate what the exact cause of the conflict is, then thinking up a solution that would help resolve that conflict. It would matter that you do not just take a confrontational stance or even a passive one by avoiding the conflict issue, the goal is to come up with a solution that both parties can agree to as well as a solution that is okay for the organization as a whole. Your ability to resolve team conflict in this manner would help reduce your stress level significantly.

One other approach is to anticipate and prevent conflict or the tendency for conflicts to arise in the team by utilizing effective team design methodology. You have to develop an efficient checklist that would come into play when you are building up a team for any particular task or mission. By using this technique of designing your team properly right from the beginning you would be able to reduce the incidence of conflict and hence your stress level at work. The key to this process is feedback in an atmosphere that is receptive and welcoming. The factors to consider in your team design include the number of people that would make up the team, would they really need to work together all the time or can they work on individual task in a separate manner but leading to the same goal, What kind of skills are required to accomplish the task, are these skills technical in nature or social or a combination of both, does the team have the resources they need to accomplish the task effectively and efficiently, if they are gaps in resources how do you handle the scarcity, what is the time frame for the task, is it adequate to produce quality work and finally you need to consider what feedback mechanism exist within and outside the team and how functional these mechanism are.

One thing that is essential in understanding workplace stress is the effect of non work place stress manifesting in the workplace. It is a known fact that many people tend to project feeling that originate outside the workplace on the work arena. This is pretty common with family related stress. Your ability to deal with this kind of stress, whether it impacts you directly or indirectly through one of your team members involves a lot of subtle and careful approach. In most instances it would take someone with some form of out of workplace relationship to deal with this. If you are directly involved, you need to be able to delineate the fact that your stress level would be impacting on the rest of the team and you must be able to handle this on a personal level. Practicing relaxation techniques would go a long way to help you reduce this type of stress when you get into the work place. Take time out when you feel the pressure is building and relax.

All these would go a long way to being able to handle stress effectively and adequately at the work place.