Our jobs have a significant impact on our lives and who we are as a person. We spend the greatest amount of our waking hours at work. In a 40 hour week week we spend 2,080 hours a year at work. We spend more waking hours with our employer than with our family or friends. Managing stress at work can be challenging. Work stress can impact our families, friends and even our health. Finding ways to manage work stress can improve our job performance and our general well-being.

Things You Will Need

personal items such as photographs

organizational skills

dedication to take breaks and lunch

Step 1

Organize your work space. The clutter of paperwork can cause an overwhelming stressful feeling and make it more difficult to find the things you need. Make a place in your work area for all the supplies you use. Desk drawer organizers are an inexpensive way to organize your office supplies. Keeping the top of your desk free of clutter may help you feel more organized and prepared for the work day.

Step 2

Make your work space your own. Place pictures of your family and friends on your desk. An organized collection of the things you enjoy in life can bring you a sense of tranquility and a mental get-a-way. Add a plant or some fresh flowers to add some life to your work environment. Bring items from home that have a special meaning for you. Your work space is a reflection of who you are as a person.

Step 3

Take your breaks and lunch. A fifteen minute break to walk outside and enjoy the sunshine and relax might just be the stress relief that takes the edge off a stressful day. Lunch is an excellent opportunity to nourish your body and soul. Make taking your breaks and lunch a habit. Do not feel guilty for taking time for yourself at work.

Step 4

Form relationships with your co-workers. Having a trusted co-worker to vent to and provide each other support can make the work place more tolerable during stressful times. A co-worker can become an allie and friend. Before you share any deep dark secrets remember that a friend today might not be a friend tomorrow. Keeping that in mind, you might not want any personal matters shared over the lunch table.

Tips & Warnings