There are things that you need to do in order for your flight to become smoother and tantrum-free. If you are well-prepared prior to your flight then some of the passengers will even praise on how well-behaved your toddlers on the plane and it's all because of your wonderful and effective efforts. Remember that young kids are capable and excited to learn new ideas and they can also mentally take in information fast.

Moderately Challenging


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    Bring a DVD player with your toddler's favorite DVDs or movies to be played on it while on the plane. A portable DVD player can be of great relief to help with your kid's boredom while sitting on a long travel. You may find a good portable DVD player on sale ahead of time including DVD movies so that you can save before your travel date.

    You may consider buying a unit that has a 4 hour rechargeable battery and a 7 inch screen. Young children easily get upset when they are not allowed to move around and sit for long hours in a confined space without any entertainment that will interest them.

    Your toddler will be happy and thrilled to be able to watch her favorite characters on the portable DVD player. These things are not so expensive and are worth to have if you are planning to travel with a toddler. Be optimistic because if you have the right entertainment tool for your toddler then you could also relax on the plane. Little kids can be good and well-behaved travelers even on a long trip.

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    Load some snacks and something to drink inside your carry-on bag like his or her favorite crackers, animal cookies, cereal bars, dried fruits and fruit juices. Swallowing can help open the air passage. So give your toddler something to eat or drink during take-off and descents in order to comfort their ears due to air pressure since the cabin's air pressure changes during takeoff and landing.

    One way to ensure that your toddler's ears are comfortable is to have an ear doctor check them a week before flying. You could also ask your toddler's pediatrician to prescribe medicinal drops to numb the eardrum if he or she has sensitive ears or nonprescription pain medication in case he or she might need it during the flight.

    Buy juice boxes and bottled water from a store or restaurant at the airport before takeoff so that your toddler can drink enough fluid before and during the flight. You may avoid giving your toddler the airline water because it's treated with small amounts of chemicals that may affect his or her digestive system. By doing this, you're also able to protect him from catching a cold since your toddler's body is well hydrated.

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    Stay calm and be positive if you're the parent or guardian who is flying with a toddler. Nervous or stressed out parents will give off a negative feeling and emotion that your young kid can pick up on and it will not help during the entire flight. Don't worry about the passengers if they might roll their eyes asking for seat changes.

    Think positive as a parent when you and your toddler make way into the plane because there are also very nice people who are willing to help you once you and your toddler will board on a plane. You'll be glad that there are understanding people who will even get involved themselves like giving a peek-a-boo and a welcoming smile to your toddler. They will let your toddler feel comfortable inside the plane.

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    Change your toddler's pajamas for the evening flight so that he or she will become comfortable. Be sure to bring a medium sized carry-on bag or luggage that you can keep under the seat in front of you so that you can have an easy access to it. 

    Take an extra sweater or blanket for your little one because airplanes sometimes get cold. Prepare additional clothing not only for your young children but also for you and for your husband/wife or traveling companion in case your toddler will experience motion sickness and throw up on anyone of you.

    If you'll bring a large bag that you need to keep inside the overhead bin then you'll keep asking the passenger in the aisle seat to get up so that you can get something from the bag unless the one seated in the aisle seat is your husband/wife or traveling companion. It's advisable to pack an extra set of clothes and diapers or training pants in case your checked luggage gets lost or you would miss a connecting air flight.

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    Bring a portable changing pad that is handy because changing tables are sometimes insufficient on airplanes. Sometimes toddlers could get cranky because they are wet. You may easily find a portable changing pad in many stores online or offline so that you can change your toddler's diaper anywhere even out of the bathroom.

    You also need to be considerate when you're changing diapers because flight attendants are dealing with food so don't expect them to handle dirty diapers even if you may want them to. Instead, take any plastic bags from home, diaper plastic bags or even the air sickness bag on the plane then just throw it out in the restroom trash.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Look for kids play areas in the airport during layovers and allow them to walk and play as much as they want under your watchful eyes. It can tire them out and once you'll get on the airplane with your young children then they would just fall asleep easily.

  • If your toddler is cranky and misbehaving, gently but firmly warn and reprimand him or her. By doing this, you're letting neighboring passengers know that you're also doing your best to keep your little under control.

  • Just smile then say sorry and this would probably be enough for other fellow passengers seated near you and your toddler to accept if your toddler is cranky and misbehaving. If they see that you're doing the best that you can in order that your little one may not disturb them then you could even win their support and make you feel relax all through the fight.

  • Request a bulkhead seat and a bassinet ahead of time if you have an infant.

  • Don't make your toddler sit in a stroller while waiting for the flight. It would be unfair to just let your child sit for hours since he or she will be sitting again for the upcoming flight for additional time.

  • If you do hold your child on your lap, think of safety by not strapping a single seat belt around both of you and your toddler because this is not advisable.

  • Avoid giving your child any medication such as Benadryl without consulting his or her doctor. There might be side effects to any medication that you could give to your child.