Whether or not you were intentionally committing a crime, no individual really plans (or hopes) to get arrested as a result. Since most criminal arrests typically come as a surprise, few people are prepared to deal with them and the subsequent complications that arise. There are a handful of common mistakes many people make when arrested that can have a serious and negative impact on their case. No matter the reason for the arrest, there are a few simple steps every defendant should take to protect themselves and their case:

Things You Will Need

- Criminal lawyer
- Self-control

Step 1

Cooperate with the Police

It may seem like an obvious edict, but even the smallest of opposition or hindrance could spell big trouble for your case. Never run or try to dodge the police or try to physically - in Washington D.C., these types of behavior can lead to additional criminal charges. In addition, don't try to talk your way out of the arrest or try to convince the arresting officer of your innocence. First, they are not interested in hearing you proclaim your innocence (they already have enough of a reason or evidence to arrest you) and secondly, you are more likely to become belligerent and rude in your responses. An officer can put in the arrest report whether a defendant was argumentative or did not fully comply with officers, which can harm the way a judge, prosecutor, or other officials view you.

Step 2

Be Polite

In a similar vein, always be polite and courteous to law enforcement even when facing arrest. Being aggressive will only add fuel to the fire and increase the likelihood of having additional charges brought against. Politely request the presence of an attorney when asked.

Step 3

The Right to Remain Silent

The more talking an individual under arrest does, the more likely they will say something that can be used against them at trial. You may think if you just explain the situation, the officer will let you go but this typically ends up backfiring.

Step 4

Hire a Reputable DC Criminal Lawyer

Make hiring a reputable DC criminal lawyer your first priority after your arrest. Begin seeking out an attorney as soon as bail is posted. If you cannot afford your own lawyer, the state will provide you with a public defendant.

Tips & Warnings

- When arrested, the less you say and admit to, the better off you will be. Just wait until you have proper legal guidance before you do anything.