A relationship with a span of miles between two people is not always the easiest situation to cope with. If you are thinking about entering a long-distance relationship, before committing it good idea to think about the challenges you'll be facing. Many people successfully overcome these, but there are those that have difficulty coping.

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If you have ever been in a long-distance relationship, you already know many of the hurdles needed to overcome to make your relationship succeed. While every relationship has its tests, the ones associated with distance are unique. Despite the challenges, many people are able to keep up a strong, healthy and happy long-distance relationship.  While these relationships don't always work out, the trick to making it last is to focus on the positives, and find ways to lessen or eliminate the negatives.

There are a few adjustments you can make to help nurture your relationship and also some things to keep in mind during those times you are concerned about handling your relationship across the miles.

Focus on Trust and Strong Communication

For the long-distance relationship to survive, a strong level of trust and ability to communicate with one another is really important. It's really important to be on the same page with this. If you find yourself constantly wondering what your mate is doing, who he or she is spending time with or if he or she is cheating, then your relationship can suffer damage. Even doomed in the long run. Distance in miles no doubt brings challenges, but if there is mutual trust this helps solidify the commitment and time is not wasted wondering what the other is doing. Faith in your partner is a must in a long-distance relationship.

The ability to communicate is also important, because unless you can adequately keep those lines of communication open, your relationship will hit many rocky spots. Long-distance relationships are already challenging enough, without the extra burden of dealing with communication problems.

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Take Advantage of Technology

Various forms of electronic communication can add a level of closeness because of the ability to have simultaneous reactions and conversations being exchanged instantaneously. You don't have to wait for your love to get your email and respond if you both have access to the same application. With video and other various apps, you and your love can connect and "see" one another in real-time as you talk. While it is not the same thing as spending time together, it is the one of the next best things.

Don’t Spend Time on Wistful Thinking

Ideally, you'd like to see your mate more often but if this is not possible there is no point spending your days wishing it to be true. If you spend an inordinate amount of time pining away over the distance, this will add stress and, over time, might even become the central aspect of your relationship. However, if you both are living happy and fulfilled lives outside from one another, this ultimately adds strength to your relationship. Not to mention it gives you more interesting and different things to talk about.

An active lifestyle will help you fill those days or months with other things to do. Over the course of time, you'll have something productive or fulfilling to show for it instead of unfulfilled wishes and dreams of being with the one you love on a daily basis.

Maintain Your Own Interests

Speaking of activities, it is important to maintain your own interests. While in any relationship it is vital to establish your own identity and keep involved in the activities and hobbies that interest you, this is doubly important in the long-distance relationship. Since you and your partner will be spending more time apart than together, you will need something to do in the times you are away from each other. It is a good idea to try to discover the things you like to do solo and routinely engage in those activities.

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Preserve Your Own Friendships

When people become involved in relationships, they sometimes tend to drift away from their friends because their focus is on their new love. In all relationships, it's good to keep friendships, but this is another aspect which is even more significant for the long-distance relationship.

By keeping up with friendships and spending time with others you'll feel less isolated. As a result, you'll be less inclined to have resentment of not being able to see your partner on a regular basis because you'll have a fulfilling social life.

Make the Most of Your Time Together

Time together is limited so instead of talking about the distance or spend time dwelling on the challenges, try to make every hour count when you are together. When you are together, do activities you both enjoy and spend time enjoying the moments. The time together may be brief, but remember it is quality, not the quantity. Keep this the focus.

Sometimes people in committed relationships who see each other daily take time for granted and, as a result, have low quality of interaction. For those in long-distance relationships, one up side is since time is at a premium, it is usually never taken for granted and special memories are made.

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Compromise: Meet in the Middle

A good way to be able to see one another more frequently is to think outside of the proverbial box and try and come up with ways to see one another. In long distance relationships, the miles are usually not the only the factor, but often it is the expense too.

You can lessen this issue by taking turns traveling to see one another and taking advantage of those frequent flyer programs or other rewards benefits. Or you can try is to pick a central location and meet half way. This may ease the burden of both time and finances, and you can spend more time together because you can reduce the time traveling if you meet at a location in the middle.

Focus on the Positive

One of the first things you'll discover is that your time together is more appreciated because moments are precious and far between. If you focus on this aspect rather than the distance factor, you'll feel better about the miles which separate you from your love. Since the physical aspect of a relationship doesn't dominate or define the relationship, this means there is much more time for other kinds of intimacy such as conversation and getting to know one another really well.

Many relationships tend to quickly "crash and burn" because too much emphasis, thought or pressure is given to physical intimacy; the long-distance relationship has no choice but to focus on other aspects of the relationship which can work to solidify the bond between two people living far apart. Strong emotional ties usually result because so much time is spent talking and writing. Positive energy helps you keep up acceptance in the distance factor and keeps you from feeling down in the dumps during the times you're really missing your mate.

Long-distance relationships have some challenges, but by taking a step back and refocusing your way of thinking outside of what the "traditional" image of a relationship is, you can make your relationship work, despite the miles between you.

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