Do you want to know how to hang scarf window treatments? Window scarves, also known as swag curtains, are the perfect top to window draperies you're using for a traditional or contemporary style home. Elegance is added to the custom window treatments when you introduce billowing scarf curtains that complement your room's color palette. In this article, I'll explain how to pin the swag curtains in place to create 2 arches (as shown) that drape across your bedroom or living room curtains for simple elegance. Hanging window scarves is more of an art than a science, but if you're good with your hands, you should give it a try!

How to Hang Scarf Window TreatmentsCredit: Amberdawn 2011Drape the scarf curtains (gold) over the left end of the rod. Let the left end of the window scarves hang to the floor behind the rod and window draperies (green). Hold the right end so it comes over the front of the rod. On the right end of the rod, drape the swag curtains you have in your hand so it hangs to the floor behind the rod. You now have a single low hanging arch. The window covering won't look nice and neat at this point, so don't worry. The purpose of this first step in how to hang scarf window treatment coverings is just making sure the lengths are even. If the ends DIDN'T go all the way to the floor, or this arch isn't drooping low enough, adjust the custom window treatments. Raise one side to create more slack, then the other, until you're satisfied with the lengths of the bedroom or living room curtains. Remember that the center will near half the size once you raise the middle to create two arches.
Pin the center of the window scarves to the window draperies (green) to create two arches. Just as in the step above, you want to take a step back and make sure the lengths of the swag curtains are even at this point. Go by what "looks right" for your custom window treatments, but then you can also measure the lengths of the window covering arches to be certain. Again, the purpose of this step of how to hang scarf window treatment coverings is not going to be nice and neat yet, you are just looking at lengths of the living room curtains. Hanging scarf curtains is like any curtains and blinds; it's important to have symmetry.
Pin the center of the window scarves with pins. Now is when you focus on the pleating. Start at the center of the swag curtains, and then work outward. The folds go over and under, starting small and getting progressively larger, and your pins will be close together or even overlapping. From the center of the scarf curtains your row of pins can end about 6 inches outward in either direction, or longer if your custom window treatments rod is much longer than 60 inches. When you're finished on either side of the center, repeat on each end of the window draperies rod, now starting at the end and working inward toward the center of the window covering. Step back to check, then make adjustments as you like, as you would when hanging any curtains and blinds. And that's how to hang scarf window treatments for bedroom or living room curtains. Good luck!