shiny hairNo one wants ugly hair (except some of those people with mullets, about whom we are not so sure), but not everyone feels like they can afford to go to the salon to get all of the treatments that everyone says are necessary to have healthy hair. Here are a few tips for having really great hair without spending tons of money on treatments.
  • Make sure your hair is very wet before you apply shampoo. Wet hair is more stretchy and less likely to break when you scrub it. Once you start shampoo, don't lather for more than about 30 seconds. Longer will dry your hair out more rather than making it more clean.
  • The natural oils in your hair are part of what gives your hair good natural shine, but shampoo can remove the natural oils or prevent them from making it all the way down the shaft. One way to counter this is to brush your dry hair backwards until your scalp tingles. This will pull the oil into the rest of your hair and help it to be more healthy and shiny.
  • If you color your hair (especially on your own), don't wash it for 48 hours. This will allow the color to really set and prevent it from fading too early.
  • To get rid of buildup from hairspray, gel, etc., mix a tablespoon of baking soda in with your shampoo once a week, then wash and dry as usual. This will help to keep down the buildup.
  • Hair spray is a good way to hold finished styles in place. If you spray a little into your hand and run it over your hair, you can get a softer finish that still offers some good hold.
  • Gel can be a great way to keep stray hairs in braids. Just run a little bit of gel through your hair before you start, then use a little on your finger or a bobby pin to tuck stray pieces in where they should be.
  • Pomade is like the less-sticky sister or gel. It's lighter and doesn't make your hair feel stiff and goopy, but it gives it more shape and shine than just hair spray. To use pomade, put a little on your hands and rub them together, then lightly apply it all over, shaping as you go.
You can still have great hair by styling it yourself if you just now how to get there.