Uh..uh..uh another day of eating on the run. fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and a diet coke. You know that the doctor told you three months ago that you had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Yes-the doctor gave you lots of information and you have tried, but it is so hard. You do not think you can do it; however, you know that you will suffer the consequences, otherwise. Because of this, you have to believe that you can have good health. However, to have good health, you have to apply actions to your beliefs. Below are steps to overcome your myths about good health. Understanding the myths will help you to have good health.

Things You Will Need

* Commitment

*Will Power

Step 1

how to have good health

Myth: Illness just happens.

Fact: Recognize that illness does not happen all the time for no good reason. Often times, illness is an accumulation of how you treat your body. What you put in your body today will eventually have a long-term effect on your body, whether positive or negative.

Step 2

Myth: My grandmother, even though she had high bold pressure, diabetes, and other ailments, lived to be 93. Therefore, I can eat any and everything I want; I had good genes.

Fact: Recognize that your quality of life needs to be emphasized rather than the length.

Step 3

Myth: Exercising and trying to eat right is too hard. Besides- I do not have the time for it.

Fact: Okay-let's look at the alternatives. Understand that people tend to make time for the things that are important to them. How important is your health to you? Only you can decide.

Step 4

Myth: I have tried and tried to exercise and eat healthier. I do well for a few days, but then I drift back into my old pattern. My friends say I should give up.

Fact: Understand that changing an ingrained habit requires lots of effort. Remember, never give up, no matter how many times you fall off the wagon. The sun will rise in the morning and it will be a brand new day; therefore, start again. As for your friends, I question their loyalty. Choose to be with people who believe in you and want the best for you.

Remember - it is important to know your family's health history and to schedule yearly medical checkups. Take one day at a time.

Just For Today

1. I will love my body and treat it as a precious gift.

2. I will exercise at least 30 minutes.

3. I will put my well-being first in everything I do.

4. I will not browbeat myself if I stumble

Tips & Warnings