You don't have to be a housewife to benefit from good laundry habits...I'm a 19 year old college student and it has helped me a lot! It's annoying trying to figure out what clothes are clean for you to wear every day when you're not sure when you last did a load of laundry, what items are in what basket, and which basket has clean clothes and which has dirty clothes. So here are my tips for eliminating the stress of wondering if something you need to wear is clean or not:

1. Purge your clothes! I know this one is really hard, because we all like to think that maybe someday way in the future, we might want/need to wear this one article of clothing, but realistically, that shirt will be out of style by the time you might decide to wear it again. So bring your clothing collection down to a manageable size.

2. Figure out how often you need to do laundry. Since I'm only responsible for my own clothes, I've found that doing laundry two days a week is perfect to make sure all my favorite clothes are clean if I want to wear them each week. One day a week is for just the clothes, the other day is for bedding and towels. If you have a family and kids, or don't have enough time on any one day to wash multiple loads, you will probably need at least 4 or 5 days a week for laundry. On those days, just stick a load in the washer in the morning, move it to the dryer when you get home from school or work, and then put it away before you go to bed.

3. Come up with a hamper system that works for you. I've found that what works for me is having one basket for dirty clothes, and one basket for clothes that aren't fresh-out-of-the-dryer clean, but were only worn for a couple of hours and could still be worn again (things like sweats that I wear around the house or jackets). My laundry baskets stay in my closet, and if I had more room in there I would have two baskets for dirty clothes (one for lights and one for darks). I also have one small basket for things that need to be dry cleaned since I don't get to those as often as I get to the rest of the dirty clothes.

4. Put away clean clothes in a timely manner! Don't be lazy! I know folding and hanging clean clothes isn't exactly one of life's greatest joys or anything, but I promise it really doesn't take that long. MAKE yourself put clean clothes away THE DAY THEY COME OUT OF THE DRYER. It will be annoying at first, but I swear it gets easier when your realize how nice it is to not have to dig through a basket of clean clothes to find what you're looking for. Watch TV or listen to music while you fold and put away!

Be consistent with these four things, and be consistent about your laundry schedule each week. For me, Mondays are always clothing laundry days, and Tuesdays are always bedding and towels days.

Eliminate stress and chaos from your life one project at a time!