One of the big concerns that you probably have about your wedding reception is the wedding food that you'll need to serve.

The food that is served at the wedding can be one of the largest costs that you have to pay for and no doubt you are looking for ways that you can cut back on costs without having to sacrifice good food.

Well, there are quite a few things that you can do to save money and still have great food at your wedding.

Consider a Buffet

If you want to have a full course dinner at your wedding reception, then consider going with a buffet instead of a meal that is served to each guest.

It is much cheaper to have a buffet, and the food will be just as good while you'll save money. A buffet is a great way to shave down the cost of wedding food to make it just a bit more affordable for you and your fiancé.

Go with Your Theme

It is also important that you remember your theme when you are trying to pick out food for your wedding on a budget. If you are having a wedding that is not very formal you may want to consider having a barbecue where you serve all the food that you'd find at a traditional barbeque.

You'll save money on the food and you can have friends and family help you out by making the food as well. On the other hand, if you are having a more formal type of wedding, you'll want to have a reception that is more formal with food that is a bit more formal as well.

Don't Forget the Cake

Of course when it comes to wedding food, you should never forget about the cake. While all the food is important, the cake is one of the most important food items you'll have at the wedding reception.

You can save on the cake as well, especially if you or someone you know makes the cake instead of going to a bakery for the cake. However, if you make the cake, be sure that you make plenty for everyone so you don't run out of cake, which can be an embarrassing situation.