Everyone loves to be able to show off their skin and not be afraid that it looks or feels dirty or dry, so millions of people scour the internet and product catalogs for the next big skin care solution and most of the time end up being severely disappointed by the ultimate results.

As much fun as it is buying and trying out all of the new facial and skin care products, most of the time those products end up doing even more damage than was initially there in the first place. The skin is very sensitive and if it covered with something that even slightly does not mesh well with the skin, it could result in massive breakouts and dry spots that only the Sahara could appreciate.

The key that I have found to keeping the skin moist and looking good is to find the right combination of shower exfoliating scrubs mixed with an after shower lotion to make your skin not only look great, but also feel really clean and soft. I look for products with natural ingredients, preferably with a type of nut oil. Such as olive oil, shea butter, and jojoba. These are thicker oils and best used for the body, not the face unless you are severely dry. If I run out, I'll go to my kitchen cabinent and use my olive oil purposed for cooking. It definitely took me quite a while to find that right mixture, but it is definitely worth the trial and error process that it takes to find that perfect combo.

Doing the simple things that people do every single day such as washing your hands and face before and after meals is also one of the steps that is essential to maintaining the clear and moist look and feel that everyone wants their skin to have. While it may seem like a difficult thing to do to keep that face pretty and inviting, it actually only comes down to the most simple set of natural skills to make sure that you do not walk out of the door looking like a creature of some sorts.

Some people are just born luckier than others and do not have to rely on the special formulas that others do to maintain the beauty of their skin, but in only a few steps a day, the soft and illuminant skin that you desire so much is very well attainable.