Having a real alien sighting can be a blessing to those who know the truth is out there. Having multiple real alien sightings though? That's more than anyone could hope for, but it's not completely out of reach. If you find the major strange sightings hot spots, you can increase your chances of having that real alien interaction.

Things You Will Need

Good camera (no cellphone cameras)

Transportation method

Step 1

If you're looking to have your real alien sightings in a major metropolitan area, find transportation to Los Angeles, California. L.A. had 1,346 reported strange sightings from 1947-2005.

Step 2

Stay in a hotel for a month or two. Staying awake at night will give you a greater chance of seeing strange lights in the skies.

Step 3

Not having any luck in Los Angeles? Travel just to the south of L.A. to San Diego, California. 348 alien sightings have been reported here.

Step 4

Always remember, night time is your best bet catching alien footage.

Step 5

Having real alien sightings in major metropolitan areas can be tough. With so many people, so many lights and so many buildings it can be a shot in a million. If the major metro just isn't working for you, go to Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. The county has a low population, but Westmoreland still received 396 strange sightings reports.

Step 6

If you want to give up on Westmoreland, travel northeast to Rockingham, New Hampshire. 183 real alien sightings have been reported here.

Step 7

Remember to bring a camera so that you can get good alien footage. A cell phone is not advisable as these photos and videos often have very poor quality.

Tips & Warnings

Patience is key to having real alien sightings. It doesn't happen everyday, even in the most reported areas.

If ever you encounter a strange sighting, do not approach aliens, UFOs or other creatures; their intentions can be unclear.

Abduction is possible.