Bermuda Grass

Timing is everything when it comes to having a beautiful bermuda lawn that is completely free of weeds. This comprehensive article will teach you when the best times of the year are for applying pre-emergent and fertilizer. You should come away with a better understanding for how to keep your bermuda lawn lush and green and without any weeds. The process and techniques are rather simple and easy to acheive.

Things You Will Need

Weed KillerPre-emergent product

Post-emergent product

Fertilizer approved for use with bermuda grass

Step 1

First you must determine what stage the bermuda grass is in. This needs to be done just before spring. Do this by looking at the base of the grass and see if it has started to turn green in color. Also check to see if the base of the grass has any small green shoots.

Step 2

After you have determined that the bermuda has started to grow, you will need to spray the lawn with Round-up or a similar product. This has to be done at night. This will need to be done two times with seven to ten days between applications. Mow the grass prior to spraying it. Be sure to take no more than a half of an inch off.

Step 3

Now apply crabgrass pre-emergent to the entire lawn area. Make sure the emergent includes a fertilizer or add a fertilizer mix of 13-13-13. Follow the labels instructions.

Step 4

Apply pre-emergent in the late sping to early summer. Once the lawn is completely green and the soils temperature is 75 degrees, you can treat outbreaks of weeds. Be sure to water once a week. Dethatch the lawn every 3 weeks.

The reason bermuda lawns become over-run with weeds has to do with the grass becoming thin. Because the grass is thin it is an offering ground for weed seeds to germinate in those spaces. The causes of thinning grass can be due to compacted soil, cold damage, a lack of fertilizer, or irregularities with the pH levels. Before the weed seeds germinate you can use a pre-emergent approved for use on bermuda grass.

With a little pre-planning and consistancy you can have weed free beautiful bermuda lawn.

Tips & Warnings