What is a Cannibal Banquet?

If you thought the Japanese were weird before with their crazy game shows and their bizarre food, you will now think they are insane.

They have come up with a banquet style party that involves eating a human, otherwise known as a cannibal banquet. Before you freak out and think these pictures are going to be grotesque, let me tell you that the human is not real.

Basically, what they do, is take a Pinata type object that looks very much like a human. This human is filled with gooey edible treats that happen to be red and look a lot like blood and internal organs. To make things worse, they somehow manage to create a oozy layer right beneath the 'pinata skin' so when you cut in, the pinata appears to bleed. Pretty appetizing huh?

Throw in some alcohol and you have yourself a hoot and hollering good time!

Cannibal Party

Human Pinata

Tasty Human Organs