In Branson, Missouri you can find a host of fun performances and activities to do. It⠀ ™s a family city that has a little bit of everything for everyone. The problem with any town like this is that eating can be so horribly expensive. There⠀ ™s a sure-fire way to have a great time and to get a good meal for a great price at the same place though. Get your tickets to Silver Dollar City and settle in for the best priced and homemade lunch ever.

Things You Will Need

Silver Dollar City tickets


Step 1

Purchase your tickets. If you plan to attend Silver Dollar City more than once, I suggest buying the season pass. Even for just two days a season pass is a better value than a two day ticket.

Step 2

As you come up the walk toward the main park, to your right is Eva and Delilah's Bakery. There are always fresh, homemade(right in front of you) bakery items; from cupcakes and cinnamon rolls to turnovers and banana nut bread, it's a great breakfast food or desert stop.

Step 3

After entering into the main park, turn to your right. This is the entrance to the Mill and right next door to the Mill is the Mine. Both serve the same food for the same prices. The Mill is above ground and has some seats with very lovely views. The Mine is below ground in a mine(with a fun game as you enter), though it can get cold down here. Both serve a buffet style, homemade meal. Deserts are now being included without extra cost.

Step 4

After entering the main park, go straight and walk around the General Store. On the back of the General Store is Big Jack's sandwich shop. It's a basic sandwich shop; you choose the sandwich you want and choose a seat in the store or outside. It's next to the main stage so you can take your sandwich with you to a free show.

Step 5

From Big Jack's sandwich shop, go straight up the main street. To your left you will see the Lumberjack Camp. This is a barbecue joint with all outdoor seating. If you choose to eat here you will have a beautiful view of the waterfall.

Step 6

From the Lumberjack Camp walk straight toward Tom Sawyer's Landing. After you have passed beneath the landing bridge, you will see Aunt Polly's. Here they serve fried foods, most notably, the delicious Bloomin' Onion.

Step 7

Don't forget to check out the various concession stands. Fresh caramel apples, frozen lemonades and other foods can be found at these.

Tips & Warnings

There are other places to eat in Silver Dollar City but these are the most popular and best priced restaurants.