Bow tie Rack of Excellence

Bow Tie Rack
Credit: miwashin

College is all about first impressions. How you look, what you wear, who you're with all makes a statement about who you are. As a college freshman, nothing says more about you than your dorm room. A bad or uncool room can instantly kill your social life, whereas a good dorm room can work miracles for you. It can move you out of the friends zone and into boyfriend material. Your pad can be your best wingman, here are the do's and don'ts for your freshman year dorm. 

1. Do have a big screen TV with awesome movie collection. There's no greater method of freshmen bonding than gathering 12 of your closes friends and watching a movie. Whether  screening a classic like American Pie, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (get the John Hughes theme?), or the Lion King. The best way to make new friends and create a chill hang out spot is by having a weekly movie party. With everyone gathered around, eating, laughing and mocking horribly bad graphics, social walls are broken and everyone begins to bond. And if your room is the epicentre of this bonding you begin to have a rep as the cool guy. Ultra points bro. 

2. Do NOT bring an excess of stuffed animals. Yes, we get it. Moving away from home is scary. It's the first time that you are truly on your own and no one is there to look out for you. So you decide to bring your closest friends that have always kept the monsters from under the bed away. No! You're a man now and there is nothing manly about stuffed animals on your bed. If you need someone to cuddle with, get a girl, and no self-respecting girl is going to cuddle with a dude with a bed full of furry co-dependent friends. Remember, Andy left Woody back at home. Even Disney-Pixar got this rule. There is however an exception to this one. A carefully placed stuffed animal is totally adorable and might earn you cute points during one movie night. Remember, all you need is a foot in the door. 

3. Do have the right posters. The right posters on your wall can tell everyone that you're a baller. Classic examples, Scarface movie poster, periodic table of alcohol, posters of scantily clad women. Like a Warhol in the met, a strategically placed poster is a conversation piece. It can say volumes about who you are/how you want to be perceived. Posters are a gateway to your image, so choose wisely. 

4. Do NOT keep too much food. The freshman 15 is real and eating alone in your room is a one-way street to being a loner. 

5. Do have a serious music collection with good speakers. Good music, a diverse mix of top 40, oldies and college classics like wagon wheel equal instant party. Also, consider buying a strobe light and shot glasses. 

6. Condoms, deodorant and eyeglasses AKA always have a backups of the essentials. 

A good dorm room is key to a good year. Keep it clean but don't be anal about it. Always have people over and have an open door policy. Never study in your bedroom and always say yes to going out. With the right setup your freshman year will be a blast.