Create the Perfect Disney Bat Mitzvah

If your daughter is a big fan of Mickey Mouse, princesses and Winnie the Pooh, then a Disney Bat Mitzvah theme may be just the right way to celebrate her big day. After a year of intense study and a memorable Torah service at the synagogue, let your daughter have the magical world of Disney be her reward for a job well done.

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Variations on the Disney Bat Mitzvah Theme

Here are four different variations for your daughter's Disney Bat Mitzvah theme.

1. Disney Princess If your daughter loved the Disney princesses as a young girl, then you can use them for Bat Mitzvah theme.

2. Favorite Disney Movie or Television Show

If your daughter loved one particular  movie or show, the theme can revolve around it.

3. Walt Disney World If your daughter loves visiting The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and all of the other fun attractions in Orlando, then create an atmosphere of  fun at your party.

4. Disney Characters If your daughter loves all of the Disney characters, then create the party around the characters.


Invitations for an event such as a Bat Mitzvah should be formal. You can add If you have an old photograph of your daughter at Disney World or place her favorite character on a stamp and customize it and create a unique postage stamp at Zazzle from their Disney store.

Table Place Cards

Here is where you can get very creative for your theme. The table holding the place cards can have anything Disney on it-plush characters, maps, creative!

You can name each table for a Disney character and have that character on the card. If it is a Disney Princess Bat Mitzvah theme, you can buy Cinderella Coach picture frames or princess shoe table card holders. You can do a Google search under "Fairytale weddings" to fins a selection that meets your needs and budget.

Boards or Sign-In Book

You can create your own sign-in board by blowing up a poster-sized picture of your daughter at Disney World or Disneyland for the guests to sign. Or you can cut out a board in the shape of Cinderella's castle or Mickey Mouse.

You can create your own  sign-in book by creating a scrapbook with pages to sign. Craft stores sell scrapbooks with Disney covers. You can add stickers to the pages or buy scrapbook pages with thematic backgrounds.



Table centerpieces can range from expensive ones created by a company or ones done by your or friends that look professionally done.

If you want to do them yourself, you have a few choices. A simple balloon bouquet featuring the character the table is named for, along with some matching latex balloons, will make a festive table that fits in with the theme. Specialized balloons can be ordered online. You can surround the balloons with plush versions of the character. These can later be donated to a local shelter, Ronald McDonald House or children's hospital.

Another centerpiece idea is to have a basket of assorted character plush at each table. Again, these can be donated after the party.

You can also make a themed centerpiece by purchasing Disney play sets at the store and having those as your centerpieces. After the party, these also can be donated.

A table of Disney snow globes and votivescan bring a magical touch to your tables.



While the DJ plays games or dancing with the children attending the party, there will be giveaways. Many authentic ones can be purchased at The Disney Store at a great price. To keep with the theme, some options are:

Character pens


Fairy Princess hat

Mouse ears

Light up tiaras

Magic wands

Glow necklaces and bracelets


If your budget permits, you can hire characters in costume to entertain the guests and take photos with them-just like in the park!

Party Favors

Party favors can be anything you want that has a Disney character. You may want to give a bouquet of lollipops or box of cookies from Disney World that goes with your giveaway.

A Disney Bat Mitzvah theme is sure to give your daughter and your guests a magically good time.