With email, texting and instant messaging, the art of good conversation may be dwindling. But if you want to keep your conversation skills alive, here are a few tips.


Plan the time and place to have your conversation. Environment makes a big difference, a good environment will make you more relaxed. Try and find a local coffee shop that has atmosphere rather than a major chain of coffee shops.

Reduce distractions
Don't choose the busiest coffee shop in town, a place where it's too noisy to talk. Choose one that doesn't play loud music in the background, but soft, calming music.

Be interested

Listen well, show interest in what the other person is talking about. Ask questions. Let the other person ask questions. Give interesting replies. Don't laugh too loud.

Be yourself

Be real, don't be false. Be relaxed.

Enjoy the conversation  

It's very inspiring having a conversation with someone who is enjoying the exchange.

Don't rush it

Take your time. Be polite. Don't attack and don't be rude. Make nice comments about the appearance of your friend such as, "That color really suits you."

Talk about your passions, but not too much

There's nothing worse than a person who is passionate about something and boring the person they are talking to. Share your passion, but be sensitive as to whether or not the other person is as interested as you. If you have an unusual hobby, then share it, just don't talk about only that hobby.

Ask about experiences

Find some common ground. Ask if the other person has seen the same movie as you or read the same book. Tell about places you have been and ask about trips your friend has taken.

Think what you say before you say it

Don't get nervous or silly, be sensible and interesting.

Add people to your conversation

If conversation is difficult with just one other person, meet one or two more people. Conversations are easier with 3 or 4 people than they are with just 2.

Know when to end the conversation  

Leave with your friend wanting to know more. Maybe with a teaser, "I'm not telling you that now, you'll have to wait until next time we meet," will make your friend look forward to meeting with you again.

Arrange to meet again at a later date Make an arrangement for your next conversation while you are together face to face.