Discover 9 Ways to Celebrate an Eco Friendly Christmas

Christmas Tree(70832)This Christmas use these tips for how to have a green Christmas to share the holiday spirit with the Earth and celebrate the Holidays in an environmentally friendly way. You will not only have a greener Holiday, you will also save some green ($$) too!
  1. Give a donation to a nonprofit organization in honor of someone. You will not only be avoiding purchasing a manufactured item, you will be supporting the work of an organization striving to make the world a better place. Donate to a charity that you know you loved one is passionate about or try donating to Kiva, a microfinance lending organization that lets the honor gift recipient pick which project to lend money to.
  2. Use LED Christmas Lights- LED or light emitting diode lights make for a much more eco friendly Christmas because they are significantly more energy efficient than regular Christmas lights. They save you money and give you a greener holiday! A nice bonus is that they also last much longer than traditional lights.
  3. Buy a live Christmas tree. You will pay a bit more but you can buy a Christmas tree that is still alive and can be replanted after celebrating the big day. These eco friendly Christmas trees go on to live happy second lives Christmas Lights(70831)in the ground doing tree things like making oxygen for us to breathe. If you do buy a cut tree, don't forget to compost it when you are finished with it.
  4. Put your Christmas lights on a timer. There is no need to have your decorations lit up while the sun is out. Using a simple timer will ensure that your holiday spirit is only shining brightly (and costing you money) at dusk and at night.
  5. Reuse gift bags. Gift bags are great because there is no need to rip the paper. You can easily reuse them year after year. If you do need to buy a gift bag, look for ones that are made from recycled paper.
  6. Wrap presents in newsprint (the comics work great)A Stack of Newspapers or paper grocery bags. This tip saves you money (that you would spend on wrapping paper) and saves trees that need to be cut down to make wrapping paper.
  7. Give consumable gifts like gift cards to restaurants. Instead of thinking about giving things that have to manufactured, think about an experience. A good example is giving tickets to a favorite musician or sporting event.
  8. Send E-cards (electronic cards) instead of traditional Christmas Cards. These are often cheap or free and don’t require fuel for transportation or the often harmful dyes used in printing.
  9. Make your own gifts. Often a homemade gift is better for the planet and appreciated more by the recipient. If you aren’t handy or crafty, write someone a letter and tell them how much you love them, or write a story to give them, or give them a picture you have taken. 
Now that you know how to have a green Christmas, have a Merry Green Christmas and a Happy Environmentally Friendly Holiday!
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