Each year there are over 2 million people that get married in the United States. About a fourth of all Americans have gone through at least one divorce. Statistics show that the younger you are the more likely you will be divorced. In fact about 60% of divorces occur in people between 25 and 39. Which means that in all likelihood many of these divorces also affect children.

Most people have the best intentions when they get married of staying together forever. But before you get married you you need to really know the person you are marrying. If there is something you really dislike about this person do not expect to change them later on. When you marry someone, you need to be happy with them. Don't make a rash hurried decision. You both need to go into the relationship knowing that you have decided to make a commitment for the rest of your life.

Things You Will Need

Love, patience, and respect for others.

Step 1

There is a lot of give and take in a marriage. You will definitely disagree, fight, and sometimes not want to be in the same room as your spouse. That's okay. There will also be times when you will be totally happy. My grandmother and mother gave me a piece of advice when I was young that I took to heart and will never forget. Their advice was to never go to bed angry and be careful about what you may say in anger. It's hard do undo words that are intended to hurt someone. That makes a lot of sense. They both had long happy marriages and I have been married for over forty years.

Step 2

Our lives are busy and sometimes we barely have time for ourselves. Don't neglect your partner. Listen when they have something to say. Remember special days and don't ever forget an anniversary or birthday. Want to be happily married? Then be sure to put a reminder on the calendar of your cell phone to alert you that your wife or husband's birthday is coming up. Doesn't mean you have to do anything elaborate. Sometimes we do more thoughtful things for strangers and business acquaintances than we do for the person that lives with us.

Step 3

Have fun Make sure you both do things that you enjoy together. If your spouse likes sports and you don't, maybe you will want to learn to like sports or at least have two televisions where you can both enjoy the TV at the same time. Have a date night where you can take turns selecting things to do on that night. In other words have fun. There is no real secret to a long successful marriage. It really is just common and sense and having respect for one another. At the end of the day, the one who will stick with you through the good times and the bad will be the person that you love and loves you.

Tips & Warnings

Marriage is a partnership.

The word divorce should never be used.