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How to Have a Lucid Dream Tonight

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If you're wondering how to have a lucid dream tonight, you are just one of many people who are starting to catch on to this wonderful phenomenon that is taking sleeping to a whole new level. After you learn how to have a lucid dream, you can live out your wildest fantasies on a nightly basis. You can overcome all of your worst fears and phobias. Meet them face to face and conquer them one by one. You can do things you've always wanted to do, like beat up your boss, or go out on a perfect date with your secret crush. There are so many possibilities and advantages to learning how to have a lucid dream, and it's really not as hard as you may think.

How to Have a Lucid Dream Tonight

There are many different techniques involved in inducing these amazing experiences, all of which have very good success rates if you follow the directions and practice all the time. After you learn how to have a lucid dream, you'll want to fall asleep faster every night just so you can go into dreamland and live out your fantasies.

The first thing we need to get out of the way if you want to know how to have a lucid dream tonight is to understand what they are. These intense experiences are simply just you in your dreamland, realizing that you're in dreamland and not in real life. This can sometimes be scary and quickly turn into a nightmare you weren't expecting. A lot of times it's those nightmares where you can't figure out how to wake up from them. Chances are you have actually had them before you even knew how to have a lucid dream, and you just didn't realize it.

One of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to induce these experiences is to set your mind to it before you fall asleep tonight. For some people, just reading this article and other information on how to have a lucid dream will be enough to keep it fresh in their minds for this to work. Since you know what they are, and you know how to have a lucid dream, you need to train yourself to react to what are known as "reality checks". These are the points where you are in dreamland and something occurs to you, for whatever reason, that you aren't in real life, that you are asleep and imagining everything. When this occurs, this is when you need to take control.

Remember this article, remember all of the things you know about how to have a lucid dream, and the dreamland version of yourself will be able to take action. Once you are aware of what's going on, and you take control, it's all gravy from there. The key is to soak up as much information about this topic as possible.

Training yourself to do the reality checks is a very important part if you want to learn how to have a lucid dream. You need to do these during the day in real life and make a habit out of them that will eventually carry over to the dreamland version of yourself. Anytime something weird, abnormal, or frustrating happens, ask yourself if you are asleep or if it's real life. After some time doing this you should remember to do the same thing in dreamland, which will give you a trigger to become aware and take control.

Other Tips on How to Have a Lucid Dream Tonight

One method that seems to have a pretty high success rate is one where you set your alarm clock to go off at certain intervals throughout the night where you are in REM sleep, the perfect time to experience how to have a lucid dream. Some good time intervals to try are 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours after falling asleep. After waking up, do your best to remember what was going on in dreamland. Think hard about it as you allow yourself to fall back asleep. You can also try telling yourself over and over again that you're going to dreamland. When you get there, you should be able to be aware and take control.

Another popular method of how to have a lucid dream is to use a special mask that you wear at night. This mask will read your eye flutters when you go into REM sleep, and trigger small flashing lights that you can sometimes see in dreamland and become aware. These vary in price and can sometimes be hard to find, but you can check on YouTube for some videos of how to have a lucid dream mask for cheap by making it yourself.

It's also a good idea to try and record all of your happenings that go on in dreamland every day when you wake up in a journal. This is a good idea because it will help you to recognize common occurrences and factors that go on in dreamland. Also try to find out what time of the day is best for these experiences. Some people who learned how to have a lucid dream have noticed that they happen more if they take a nap a few hours after waking up in the morning. Everyone's REM patterns differ, you just need to find out when yours is most frequent.

Advantages of Learning How to Have a Lucid Dream

There are so many great possibilities in store for you if you can become an expert at this. After you learn how to have a lucid dream and start getting better and better at becoming aware and taking control, you will be able to do things you've always wanted to do, but never could because of boundaries or consequences. When you're in dreamland, you can conquer all of your fears, and live out your wildest fantasies over and over again.

Some studies show that people who know how to have a lucid dream and do it frequently have reduced anxiety and phobias. It also has been shown to increase problem solving skills, confidence, and drastically improve creativity on several levels.

Disadvantages of Learning How to Have a Lucid Dream

There aren't really too many disadvantages to list. The only one to mention would be that these can become addicting if you get good at them. You should always remember that real life is your main priority. You may find yourself looking forward to sleep just a little too much after learning how to have a lucid dream. Keep at a normal and consistent sleep schedule and it will also help you have them more often. Don't abuse it.

Remember that as long as you soak up all the information you can about how to have a lucid dream, use the methods that are laid out, and practice, you will know how to have a lucid dream tonight and any other night!



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