How to Have a Marriage That Will Last Forever

Marriage is the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce) according to Word Web Dictionary. Marriage is an institution ordained of God for the purposes of procreation, fellowship and building up one another.

Marriage is what every man and woman look forward to. However, a lot of people enter into marriage with unrealistic expectations which eventually lead to break ups, heartaches and divorce. A lot of these fall outs can be prevented by simply following principles that will make marriage last longer.

There are many books that you can read and study to help prepare you for marriage and improve your marriage if you are already in one. Books are powerful. It is good to learn from those who have done what you are trying to do. The way to learn from them is to go after their wisdom. Wisdom is often encapsulated in peoples' words and most people have documented those words. When you read a book from a couple who have been married for thirty years, for example, you are reading in a few hours what the coupe learnt in thirty years.

Secondly, there are many online resources you can access for relevant information concerning your marriage. Infobarrel is an online platform where you can access information, for example.

There are a few decisions to make to make your marriage last forever.

1. Decide to love unconditionally

This is absolutely important. As long as you still human there are going to skirmishes and disagreements between you and your spouse. The only way to quickly forgive and move on is to love unconditionally.

2. Decide to stay chaste

One of the fastest killers of marriages is having affairs outside the matrimonial home. Every wrong act you get into is consequential. The best way to stay faithful to your spouse is to make a conscious decision to stay clean and chaste.

3. Decide to communicate effectively

Communication is not just talking, it is an art. Communication involves listening with empathy. It involves eyeball to eyeball contact while discussing. When God wanted to stop man from building the tower of Babel, he simply confounded their language. Immediately they could not hear themselves, their project was terminated. When couples lack in effective communication, confusion will set in.

4. Decide to keep marriage fun

Learn to relax and enjoy yourselves. Don't let the pressures of work overwhelm you to the extent that you cannot enjoy yourself. Decide to have fun while not desecrating the marriage bed

5. Decide to satisfy each other sexually

Never deny each other sex for anything. Understand that men are moved by sight. When you deny your spouse sexually, you simply make him vulnerable to the existent influences. Keep your home together by never denying your spouse sexually. Sex should not be used as rewards or punishments. It is a simple obligation you have towards your spouse. Interestingly, sex will create bonding for you as a couple.