Tips to Have a Successful Staycation

Staycation Ideas

A staycation is perfect for when you really need to recharge and relax but you don’t have much time to do it. If you only have a couple of days to take off from your everyday life, you don’t want to waste any time traveling. That’s what makes a staycation so great; you go on vacation but you don’t leave home!

The key to a successful staycation is having the right mindset and planning. If you go into it thinking you’re not on vacation, then you won’t get any of the benefits. You want to embrace the vacation attitude. You are on vacation and you should not be running errands, doing chores, or even thinking about work.

Here are some tips for a relaxing staycation:

  • Set an intention to be relaxed and happy. Decide up front that you will be enjoying your relaxing time at home without stressing about anything. Say it out loud to yourself and commit to it. Going in with the right mindset is the most important thing.

  • Go out to eat. One of the greatest parts about vacations is trying new food and going out to new restaurants. Get recommendations from friends or online. Reach out of your comfort zone by trying a type of food you’ve never had before. It’s what you would be doing if you were on a regular vacation, so do it on your staycation, too.  

  • Do something fun! Vacations are usually prime time for having a good time. Don’t let your staycation be any different. Go see a local tourist attraction, have a picnic, see a movie, get a massage/manicure/pedicure, take an afternoon class, see a local sporting event, or go hiking. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something you will enjoy. Also, make sure you don’t plan too many things; you want to be able to have some down time, as well.

  • Don’t do any chores. Don’t make the bed, vacuum, do yard work, do the dishes, or anything else! Instead, hire a maid to come clean your house after your staycation is over. It will really set your mind at ease knowing that everything won’t just be piling up and waiting for you.

    Can’t afford a maid? Arrange an exchange with a friend. You clean their house after their staycation one weekend and they clean yours another weekend. That way you both get to relax! (tip: have them come clean your house while you’re out to dinner on the last night of your staycation. That way everything will be clean as if by magic!)

  • Plan your staycation. Treat your staycation the same way you would a regular vacation. Think about how you normally plan for a trip and do those things. Don’t let this time be like any other day off. Really make a commitment to get out of your daily routine and shake things up. Have fun with it!