Once you have children, your ability to spend a romantic Valentine's Day with your partner or spouse becomes much harder. Hiring a babysitter is expensive and many sitters do not want to have to babysit on Valentine's Day. One of the ways to make Valentine's special as a fFrom wikimedia commonsamily is to allow your children to participate in age-appropriate Valentine's activities. However, it is important to spend time with your own special someone as well. Follow this guide for creating a romantic Valentine's evening at home.

Things You Will Need

Romantic movie
Bubble bath
Champagne or wine

Step 1

Download or rent a romantic movie. This could be a classic chick-flick movie, a movie that the two of you watched when you were dating, or a spicy romantic movie that neither one of you have seen before. Plan to watch the movie after dinner.

Step 2

Put the children to bed early. This will be easier when the children are smaller, but you may be able to bribe older children to have an early bedtime. If not, wait until the children's regular bedtime before starting the romantic evening.

Step 3

Order a delicious take-out meal from a favorite restaurant. Take-out is much easier than cooking a meal at home, and will save you and your spouse the trouble of cooking and cleaning up after a meal. In large cities, many restaurants deliver, and a lot of restaurants have the option of ordering to go. Order a dessert along with the meal. Serve champagne or wine with dinner, or save it for later.

Step 4

Create a romantic mood in the house before dinner. Clean up all clutter, especially in the bedroom and master bathroom. Place candles around the home for a romantic mood. Place more candles in the bedroom and master bathroom to make the evening extra special. Light the candles after the children have gone to bed and turn off all regular lights.

Step 5

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Eat a special dessert after the meal. Order whatever meal you and your partner or spouse love best. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a dessert associated with romance, and they are somewhat healthy as well. Eat the food before or after the movie as desired.

Step 6

Move to the bedroom after the meal. A nice bubble bath for the two of you can be both romantic and relaxing. A nice massage is also a good way to relax and enjoy each other. If the two of you don't have energy for anything else, don't feel pressured. Sleeping can be romantic as well, and parents should take all the sleep they can get, especially when children are young.

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