Having a clean bathtub is very important for many different reasons, including hygiene, germ control and just a general, overall cleanliness of the home and bathroom.  The use of commercial cleansing agents usually can often do a very good job, even though they are costly and filled with chemicals that may be harmful.  There is another way to have a beautiful, sparkling clean bathtub, whether this is a colored tub, or even a white bathtub.  Having a clean bathtub is easier than one may think.  All that is needed is to check the pantry because there are many products found around the house that a home owner can use to clean a bathtub.  The use of baking soda and vinegar is one of the best cleaning combinations around and will quickly lead to a shining, clean bathtub. 



Begin by gathering the items needed to make the bathtub cleaning mixture.  These items include a measuring cup, a small bowl, a scrub brush, baking soda and white vinegar.  Also needed is a spoon to stir the cleaning mixture.



Using the small bowl, blend together a ¼ cup of white vinegar with a ¼ cup of baking soda.  There will be a foaming reaction, but continue to stir the vinegar and baking soda mixture together until a gritty white paste is produced. 



Using a small scrub brush, begin by moistening the brush with water and then dipping it into the baking soda/vinegar paste.  Begin cleaning the bathtub with brisk scrubbing strokes,  Continue to scrub until the area is clean.



Following the scrubbing step, all that remains to do is to rinse the cleaning mixture off of the sides of the bathtub.  This is easily achieved by using a small cup of water to splash onto the sides of the bathtub, rinsing the sides.  Another way to rinse would be to use a small spray bottle filled with water.  Use this spray bottle to mist the sides of the tub, rinsing the vinegar and baking soda mixture away.



If there are any stubborn spots, all that is needed is to repeat the above steps until desired cleanliness is achieved.


Also, there are variations to this recipe.  It is perfectly acceptable to use hydrogen peroxide instead of vinegar when combining with baking soda.  Another variation would be to mix the vinegar with cream of tartar instead of the baking soda.