Eight ways to have exciting adventure vacations cheaply

Getting Away from it all is an affordable option for many


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Getting away from it all is something you may be dreaming of and think there's no way you have the time or money to do it. You may want to have a terrific, extended, expensive, luxury vacation but are plagued with limited funds or time available for a cruise or island getaway so instead you just skip taking a vacation.

 There's still a way to enjoy time off, feel relaxed and enjoy fun with friends and family for healthy, outdoor adventure vacations without breaking the bank. Use these tips to plan your adventure vacation now. You'll return home and to work with a new found energy, happiness and sense of relaxation. You and your entire family will benefit from taking a break and getting away.

Things You'll Need:

time off work and obligations

desire for healthy, adventure vacations

willingness to try something new

calendar of local events

Step 1

Take an adventure vacation for health

Look to your local chamber of commerce to find out if they offer adventure vacation packages in your home town or within driving distance (see resource at end of article). Many times we're so busy working that we haven't seen the sites that are close to where we live, are more affordable than luxury vacations  and are worth the time to enjoy them.

Step 2

Stay in a cottage, villa, bed and breakfast or cabin

Think outside the box when you're wondering where to stay. Make arrangements for villa rentals, cabins or vacation cottage rentals which will be your home away from home for at least an overnight stay. Many accommodations are all inclusive with meals and at least one activity and you can find cheap deals if you plan ahead. Villas and cottages include everything that you would have at home and are usually less expensive than a hotel and you'll be totally pampered at a bed and breakfast and possibly meet new friends during your stay. You can also opt to stay at home and take day trips for your adventures, saving even more money.

Step 3

Explore the outdoor markets

Plan on what types of activities you want to do on your adventure vacation that will get you outdoors, feeling healthy, getting fresh air, releasing stress and spending time with friends and family. Several options to consider are:


kite flying
walking trails



ride a zip line

roller skating

ice skating

water parks

amusement parks

white water rafting
horseback riding

petting zoo

strawberry picking
walking tour of historic city
exploring outdoor markets
bird watching

Step 4

Plan outdoor activities

Book any of your planned events with a tour if you want to be with a group that will make sure you don't miss any really special sites or must-see places and to make sure safety is paramount. You can also just go for it on your own, take your time and see what you want to see without having a schedule of events.

Step 5

Pack clothing for outdoors

Pack clothing for your adventure vacation to include comfortable shorts, long pants, socks and tennis shoes for walking, swim suits for swimming, boots for hiking, climbing or horseback riding. Include any special gear you'll need for fishing or biking and of course, your camera to take photographs of special moments along the way.

Step 6

Tour a historic city – it could be just around the corner!

Plan some meals at the local favorite restaurants, cafes or pubs. There are probably many places in your own city that you've never been to that will offer many options to see, learn and do. Ask the people that live in the city/town where their favorite place to eat is for the best local or ethnic food available that you won't find at home. Stick with your plan for an adventure vacation and eat different cuisine that you wouldn't normally eat.  Be daring, try something new. This is after all an adventure vacation!

Step 7

Don't forget the accessories

Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, rain boots, raincoat, binoculars and an umbrella just in case the weather isn't perfect. Be prepared so you can still get out and enjoy the sights on your vacation no matter what the weather is. See my favorite packing essential below.

Step 8

Plan an adventure vacation soon!

Enjoy an adventure vacation for stress relief, relaxation, time with friends and family and health as an affordable idea to get away. You may like it so much that you'll skip the high end vacations in the future and want to plan another very soon! Enjoy and be safe.

Tips & Warnings

Arrange adventure vacations well in advance for the best rates and package deals

Plan a day to meet friends or family to join you

Make safety a priority in all planned activities

Include a first aid kit for any cuts, scrapes or emergencies

Think of any other ideas or activities you'd be interested in and investigate including them in your adventure vacation

Get healthy and have fun!



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