No longer just a trendy buzz word, more and more couples are opting to make their nuptials eco-friendly by implementing various green practices come the big day. The good news? Doing so is incredibly simple and surprisingly affordable - in fact, in many ways going green can actually save you green (what budget-strapped bride doesn't like hearing that). We'll show you the top ways to have a beautiful, eco-friendly wedding!

Things You Will Need

* Recycled paper invitations
* Organic and locally grown food products and flowers
* Renewable energy donations

Step 1

Some bridal registries have gone green and are now available online. They offer a wide array of eco-friendly, organic products. If you know of a store that sells various green items but don't offer a bridal registry, ask if they would be willing to set one up for you.

Step 2

Use locally grown, seasonal flowers for bouquets and centerpieces instead of imports. They require less transportation and doing so supports the local economy. Plus, they're less likely to have harmful pesticides or herbicides.

Step 3

Speaking of locally grown, use organic and local food products for your wedding menu. One reputable Utah wedding catering company actively promotes locally produced foods and culinary products by frequently using them in their scrumptious culinary creations. You can also purchase wine from a local vineyard and beer from a nearby brewery. Talk to your caterer to find out if they can provide local, organic food products.

Step 4

If you have several out-of-town guests traveling long distances to be at your wedding, consider offsetting the carbon emissions from their trips with donations to renewable-energy projects.

Step 5

Instead of an ornate, seven-piece invitation, why not stick with a simple, single sheet invitation to cut back on paper waste? Take it a step further and use recycled paper to make the invitations.


Tips & Warnings