Don't pay income tax legally and live an awesome life

Money is the problem not the solution. Don't pay taxes by doing something awesome without money.

In late 2010 I called up the IRS and got a lovely suprise when the agent told me "you don't need to file your income taxes."  My year had been especially exotic full of adventure and "once in a lifetime" events.  Though I was pretty much broke and unemployed, I had had an awesome year.  I went to the FIFA World Cup, I learned to surf and got really good at riding horses.  I traveled 6 countries and I finally got home to learn that I wouldn't have to pay taxes!

I made very, very little money.  As long as you make less than $9,000 AUD and you earn it  in a foreign country, you don't have to pay US income tax.  Now you might be thinking, "It's great to not have to pay income tax, but it sucks to live on $9,000 AUD for a whole year!"

But my year didn't suck.  Really, for the most part I lived like a millionaire wishes he could.  I learned to surf, ride horses, I traveled through five countries and ended up living in Hawaii at the end of it all.  I spent 3 months in a 5-star hotel and watched 7 of the 8 FIFA World Cup Matches in Cape Town.  I spent the meantime surfing, wine tasting and hiking around Table Bay.  How do you do it?  Follow these key points.

Keys to having an awesome year and not paying income taxes legally:
Find awesome things to do that cost nothing (or small capital investments that are regainable)
Never pay for accommodation (camp and work for accommodation)
Eat tons of rice and vegetables (they are healthy and super cheap)
When you buy things; buy high quality stuff, take good care of it and sell it for more than you bought it for.  Capital gains don't get noticed when you trade in cash.

Get involved in programs that provide food, accommodation and activities.  Example: If you want to go to international sporting events you must use your imagination on how to get involved.  Look into internships, jobs in the area at the time, volunteer opportunities or anything you can think of.  At these events, there are a host of missed opportunities (most people don't go for them because they don't think they exist.)  If you plan to just make money and pay as a customer, you will have to make money.  Making money causes you to pay taxes.

Income taxes aren't fun.  Experiencing awesome things are.  Go for it.